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100% Ready to get a breast reduction. How do I get everything started?

  • Ty from NYC
  • 1 year ago

I wanted a breast reduction ever since I was 17 years old. I did some pretty good research back then and everywhere I looked it said I should wait until I turned 19 (basically when I am finished growing). 8 years later 5'8 and 235 lbs (all the weight in my abdomen and breast)  I still want the surgery. The issues I have with my breast have made me self-conscience and basically I'm living my life in slow motion. Its hard losing weight when your breast feel like two bags of sugar are hanging from your neck, Im ready for a change and I'll be coming into a couple thousand dollars from some lawsuit money and I'm thinking about putting it towards the surgery. But before that I want to see if I can get insurance to cover it. I'm currently in NYC and I have blue cross blue shield federal employee for insurance. Any advice or tips would be appreciated especially from people from the tri-state area and the east coast because I willing to travel to have this procedure done.

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Ty, I would start by checking reviews for Plastic Surgeons, and also getting the requirements from your primary physician. I'm sure if you see a doctor regularly, they will be a great help guiding you in the right direction, and giving you a list of the required things to get it approved for insurance. For example, some insurance require that you show proof of physical therapy first, or other things you've done to help your back problems. Even though we all know none of these things make a bit of difference! Your primary should be a big help though guiding you.
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Ty, having a breast reduction was one of the best things I did for myself in 2011, my tummy tuck was the other. Start with researching surgeons in your local area, get in for some free consultations, plan your recovery/aftercare -we are beginning to get lots of options in our area. Then step back and ask yourself if all of this is right for you. If it is, go for it.
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Thanks so much for replying with great advice. I've had a couple of emergencies since this post and I'm ready to embark on my journey.
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I'm not sure if your still looking for a PS but if you are and your willing to travel for a great deal and great PS you won't go wrong with Dr Guarino he's in Allentown in the Lehigh Valley PA about 1hr 50 mins from NYC he did my BR on the 13th December and his prices I know are great although my insurance did cover mine If you want anymore information message me ill be only to happy to help you can also check out my review for before and after pics Good luck x
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