10 weeks post op front incision still open

  • mz_n8tive_one
  • 2 years ago

I am 10 weeks post op extended TT. The front part of my incision right above the pubic area is still an open would. Dr. Said it will close up in two-three weeks, it's been two weeks since he told me this. Has anyone had this problem or heard of anything like this before, I have been very patient though out this whole process but I am starting to get a little irritated, I just want to be normal again. Any suggestions, advice etc. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I am almost 9 wks po and I still have the spot in the middle that is not healed either. Mine is getting a lot smaller, but still a thick scab. I told my husband that I feel like I am waiting for my umbilical cord to fall off. LOL I was really anxious for this to heal up so I could get in the pool, but now I had my breast reduction/lift and so I can't get in the pool for weeks. I've had a cruddy summer, but I will have a new body so it will be worth it.. I am trying to be patient, but it's really hard. I totally understand how you feel.
Are you putting anything on it? The wound has to heal from inside out and everybody heals different and is a slow process, take vitamin C and/or multivitamin it helps with healing, I know is not easy but be patient....