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I am 10 weeks post op and still more swollen than ever. Is this normal? How long did your tummy tuck swelling last?

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  • 2 years ago

My belly button almost looks like an outtie. How much longer will this last?

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My swelling honestly peaked at 8-11 weeks. It was awful. Even my breasts went up a cup size - it was like some of the fluid went up instead of down! It also coincided with me traveling by car a lot for work, up to 7-8 hours/day in the car, which I think interfered with lymphatic drainage. at 13 weeks, I had my 3 month checkup with my PS and he stated that "most of your swelling is gone" although I still noticed little pockets of it. By 14-15 weeks, I had very little swelling, though I would get somewhat puffy by the end of the day, particularly after a hard workout. I would say that you are in the home stretch. I am 9 months out now, and NO SWELLING! It goes away eventually, I swear.
Thank you! I'm glad to hear that hopefully this swelling is normal. Where its swollen hurts to touch too but I'm also not as numb there as I was before. I see my PS again at 3 months so as long as the swelling doesn't get worse, I'll wait patiently and hope it gets better. Glad to hear there's no swelling at 9 months. Hope you're feeling great!
I'll be at 10 weeks post op in 2 days and I am very swollen. Mainly belly button level up. I've gone back to work recently and also just started my period yesterday so I'm not sure if I should panic and call my PS or wait and see if its due to my period or increased activity level - or both. What do you think? Thanks!
I am 9 weeks PO and still have swelling. Last night I developed a fever and today I noticed that I was more swollen than ever. It looks like a seroma but not sure.
I have an appointment with my PS today at 4:30. I also have an open wound from the TT that I thought was healing but maybe not.
I did not expect to have issues this far along! SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!
13 weeks post TT and swelling is still present below incision line. The strange feeling of semi-numbness is most uncomfortable and I have hard spots where the drains were. Wonder how long those will last. The swelling is slowly getting better, though. I look like I have a man package at times. LOL.
I'm hoping some girls will answer your question. i'm 7 weeks now and feel more swollen than i did a few weeks ago. I'm putting it down to increased activity but it's depressing!