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11 supplies to get before your rhinoplasty

  • 2 years ago

When you leave the hospital or doctor's surgical suite after your rhinoplasty, you won't exactly be in the mood to run to Walgreen's or the bookstore, so you're going to want to have everything you need on hand for a restful recovery.

Here's a list of some stuff you should consider buying now:

1. Prescriptions. Fill ahead of time and take them with you to the hospital. You'll want access to your pain meds when you need them (which could be as soon as the ride home).

2. Paper and pen to write down when you've taken what medications. It's amazing how easily you can forget when your brain is still hazy post-op.

3. Lip balm. This is so crucial! You're going to have dry mouth and lips like you've never had before.

4. Plenty of beverages. You might get tired of water, so consider stocking up on juice, Gatorade, and flavored water.

5. U-shaped travel pillow. This is will come in handy for keeping your head positioned as you rest and sleep.

6. Frozen peas or berries. Ask your surgeon about this, but if they want you to ice, frozen produce works great (make sure to clean bag with alcohol and/or wrap in towel before applying to your face).

7. Thermometer. You're going to want a thermometer to keep tabs on your temp. If you start getting chills, you need to check if you have a fever and, if so, report it to your doctor right away.

8. Laxative/stool softener. Those pain meds can do crazy things to your digestive system. Trust us on this one.

9. Magazines/books/movies/other amusements. Recovery can get boring, so make sure to have lots of reading and watching material handy.

10. Humidifier. This can really help with dry mouth and lips, especially in winter.

11. Saltines and a water bottle so you can take your pain meds on the way home from surgery if necessary.

Do the legwork now, and when you're done with surgery, you can focus on resting and healing.

Have anything else to add?