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10 days post TT and a lot of drainage

  • Emp68
  • Illinois
  • 1 year ago

What is everyone's experience with the drains?  I am 10 days out and returned to work today.  Total drainage 145cc.  Surgeon seems unconcerned but it is freaking me out.  

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wow. that's a lot! but if your ps isn't worried about it, then you probably shouldn't either. I just spoke to my nurse yesterday about my drain. I had the first one pulled last week, and ever since then, the second one has had twice the output. She said that is normal. She also told me that the more active I am, the more output there is going to be. Are you really active?
Not overly active. I just returned to work yesterday but otherwise just laying around the house. I have been trying to stay as sedentary as I can when I am not working.
Is it better to be up and more active with our drains in?
I think it depends on your surgeon. My ps is very conservative when it comes to being allowed to do just about anything. He literally wants me to do about nothing for the first 3 weeks. The most he wants me moving around is basically walking around the house. I'm not allowed to take a shower with my drains in, and the nurse said : more active = more output= drain stays in= no shower! That pretty much solidified it for me, so I am doing a whole lot of nothing these days!!!