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Is 10 days enough to be child-free after TT?

  • teachfish70
  • Cape Coral, FL
  • 3 years ago

I'm a teacher so I will have 6 whole weeks to recover from my tt scheduled on June 22, but I only have the option of having the ex-husband take the kids for 10 days after the surgery. They are 10 and 8 years old so pretty independent, but will I be able to be a mom to them when I get them back 10 days after surgery?

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Thank you soooo much ladies! That was really my only concern and know I feel much better. Plus, I am going to miss my babies after 10 whole days (even though I'll probably be in a drug-induced haze for 3-4 of them!)
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18 days post op and my 10 and 7 yr old were only gone for the weekend. My 10 yr old has been a gem. She thinks I had hernia surgery, and I guess I did, but she has been so very helpful. 10 days might be to long....
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I agree with the other ladies. You should be fine with them coming home in 10 days and you will probably love having them help you with the little things! Good luck!!

I have 3 teenage boys, and they were and still are (18 days post-op) sooooooo much help to me and with my 2-year-old when hubby is at work.
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Honestly, I think having your 10 and 8 year old back with you after 10 days will be ok and Kimmers is right - they will want to help you.

I think you'll be fine.

Best Wishes!
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The kids being 8 and 10 is helpful.  I think it is manageable at that point.  If they were babies or toddlers I would say no. 

They can be good little helpers at that age.  Just give them each a job to do and explain how you need the help.  They still want to please mommy at that age.
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Everyone recovers so different as I am learning on this forum however, I am 14 days out. I still can't stand upright completely and wouldn't dream of driving unless it was absolutely necessary. My mom is coming back up tomorrow to help me this week too. I'm hoping by week 3 I will be able to drive. Again, everyone is different. I see people on here standing upright after only 3 days! Just passing along my experience. Best wishes on your surgery!
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