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10 things to know before your lip lift

  • 1 year ago

RealSelf member extraordinaire and RealFriend Zizi has been kind enough to share 10 things she thinks you should know about a lip lift before proceeding. If you think of others, please add them in comments.

1) STOP SMOKING  I chose this advice to be number 1 on my list because I believe there are still people that do not fully understand the importance of quitting. Quitting smoking has never been easy, but knowing your risks before this procedure may help you make that decision.

2) DO YOUR HOMEWORK  Even if your colleague, friend, family member or the girl from Starbucks have had an amazing lip lift result with a certain doctor, do not assume that your result will be the same or better.

3) LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS You always hear stories of people saying they wish they would've listened to their instincts, don't you? Can your instinct ever steer you in a harmful direction? Probably not. What more can I say?

4) COMMUNICATION Share what you want and make sure your PS understands. If you feel there is not a good communication, apply my number 3 advice, listen to your instincts. Move on. There are a lot of doctors happy to operate on you.

5) GO CONSERVATIVE Less is More, my new favorite quote. Just because the price of the surgery is high doesn't justify your request for extra skin taken. I already read some horror stories when too much skin was cut out and the patient came back so unsatisfied. Do you ever wonder "what if"? I would like to start a game with you. Take a pen and a mirror. Help yourself to pull the upper lip with the help of the pen. What if...?You'll end up looking like that?

6) DON'T MOVE Now that you had the surgery , I would suggest to limit your movement of your mouth. With that comes a 6 1/2 ) to take at least 8 days off work. Please listen , don't argue :) . We all want a surgery and be able to show up for work next day. But this surgery need you to relax for 8 days. That it.

7) TAKE YOUR MEDS  As you know pills are prescribed to be taken. Every doctor has his own choice of medication prescribed. Make sure you take them with water, not wine, not beer, water. I am just kidding, still you will be so surprised how many women drink while they are in recovery. Pain, oh sweet pain. If your pain is unbearable contact imidiately your doctor. Well controlled pain can speed healing and lead to fewer complications.

8) PROPER CARE OF THE INCISION Follow your doctor's plan for cleaning, I just want to remind you the importance of keeping the incision clean by all means.

9) INFECTION  How many of you are familiar with "THE DANGER TRIANGLE"? It consist of the area from the corners of your mouth , up to the bridge of your nose. Google it. Inspect your incision often for signs of infection. If you suspect that you might have an infection it is vital to identify it right away and contact your surgeon.

10) REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS Don't expect perfection and don't think about your reflection too often until you heal. Also, if you have a history of depression, think long and hard about a lip lift as any cosmetic procedure can cause the blues for a while.