Forehead Lift Videos

Internal Browpexy Can Restore Alertness to Drooping Brows

Dr. John Martin performs a browpexy, which is a procedure to lift a portion of the brow and can help with droopy lids. A full brow or forehead lift will lift the whole brow, which may not be suitable for patients needing only a slight correction. VIEW NOW

A Forehead Lift Can Lighten the Brow and Eyelids

Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi explains the benefits of a forehead lift as well as what patients can expect from the procedure. VIEW NOW

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Selection: What You Should Know

Dr. Gavin Sandercoe touches on a few key points that every consumer should know when vetting for a facial plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

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Droopy Upper Eyelid Causes and Surgical Solutions

Dr. Mehryar Taban defines droopy eyelids and suggests several surgical solutions to lift the eyelids. VIEW NOW

What Does a Forehead Lift Entail?

Dr. Richard Brown discusses what is involved in a forehead lift, including two different approaches and when and why each would be used. VIEW NOW

Brow Lift vs. Forehead Lift

Dr. Elliot Lavey explains the difference between a brow lift and a full forehead lift. VIEW NOW

Eyelid Surgery: More Than Just The Eyes

Dr. John Edney explains why a surgeon might recommend or even insist on a forehead or brow lift when a patient expresses concerns about drooping eyelids. VIEW NOW

Brow Lift vs. Forehead Lift in Males and Females

Dr. Matheson Harris discusses the facial anatomy of males and females and what procedure is recommended to lift the eyebrows. VIEW NOW

Brow and Eyelid Surgery

Doctor William Alison discusses brow and eyelid surgery. VIEW NOW