Forehead Lift Videos

Can I Wear Nail Polish During Surgery?

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta gives his opinion. VIEW NOW

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Facial Feminization Surgery: Genevieve Shares Her Experience 5 Months Post-Op

Genevieve details the facial feminization procedures she's had done with Dr. Toby Mayer. VIEW NOW


What Is a Brow Lift?

Designed to treat forehead wrinkles and droopy eyebrows, a brow lift can help patients fight the signs of aging. Learn more from Dr. Samir Undavia. VIEW NOW

Is There a Difference Between a Brow and Forehead Lift?

They're basically in the same spot, right? Dr. Janet Neigel clears up the differences between a brow and forehead lift. VIEW NOW

A High Forehead or Square Hairline: "Come on Down!"

Women with hair struggles such as a high forehead or a square hairline finally have options to achieve a more traditionally feminine cast to their faces, explains Dr. Jeffery Spiegel. VIEW NOW

Improving Your Skin Starts Today With These Helpful Tips

Here, Dr. Mark Hamilton goes over the various skin treatments available and how they focus on specific problems. VIEW NOW

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What Can I Expect After Facial Surgery? How Much Pain Will There Be?

Let's face it: surgery is a big deal. Dr. Paul S. Nassif discuss what to expect after facial surgery including bleeding, drainage, and swelling. VIEW NOW

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Brow Lift For the Bald -- Can It Be Done?

Just because you have no hair doesn't mean you can't look great! Dr. Brian Biesman discusses brow and eyelid lifts for the bald. VIEW NOW

How Is a Brow Lift Performed?

Dr. Epstein demonstrates and explains the methods behind a brow lift and lower pinch facial plastic procedure. The endoscopic brow lift utilizes tiny scopes that maximize visualization while minimizing the size of the incision made in the scalp. VIEW NOW

Filling a Concave Forehead Restores Femininity to the Face

To provide a feminine convexity and lifting of the mid-brow, Dr. Andrea Hui injected Belotero Balance into the mid-forehead. VIEW NOW

DermaPen Tightens the Forehead to Create a Subtle, Non-Invasive Brow Lift

Dr. Mike Majmundar undergoes a Dermapen treatment for skin tightening in his forehead while explaining a bit more about the actual procedures. Stem cells biosignals are also used for optimal results. VIEW NOW


Do You Need a Brow Lift? Here's How to Tell

Dr. Michael Law explains how a patient can determine whether they need a brow lift or not. VIEW NOW

Reasons Against Getting a Mini-Facelift: "They're Designed For People With Mini Expectations"

Dr. George Commons goes through the different types of facelifts and their pros and cons. VIEW NOW

Prevent That "Botox Look" With These Injection Patterns

Dr. Brian Maloney explains the best injection patterns to avoid looking like you got Botox. VIEW NOW

Lifting a Brow Can Relieve That "Always Mad" Look

Dr. William Portuese discusses the benefits of a brow lift and how this procedure can be performed to lift drooping skin off of the eyes, relieve skin folds between the eyes, and even slightly lower a high hairline. VIEW NOW