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What Are All of the Options for Men Who Want a Lower Hairline/lower Forehead?

I am a male who has always had a high hairline and high forehead and it has always bothered me. What are your suggestions? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Shave off the Ridge in my Forehead?

Thanks for the responses to my previous question. Saw the doctor and scheduled revision surgery for next week. After reviewing before and after x-rays... READ MORE

Im 20 Years Old, Male, and Considering Forehead Reduction Surgery. What is the Process? (photo)

I've seen some websites for Bev Hills doctors that look good. I was wondering how much it would cost, and the whole planning process. My parent would... READ MORE

Are my Eyes and Eyebrows Asymmetric and What Can Be Done to Fix It?

I think my eyes and eyebrows are asymmetric. Also, my eyes seem to be droopy.Can you please confirm whether I am right by looking at the pictures? If... READ MORE

Can an uneven forehead be fixed? (photos)

I was wondering if anything could be done about an uneven forehead. Its sloped from the top of my left brow to the middle of my crown. A little to the... READ MORE

Forehead Reduction Surgery on Male? (photo)

Hi im a 24 year old male with a high forehead when frowning or smiling. Theres no sign of hair loss on my mother or father side of the family . I get... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering/forehead Reduction for a Male?

Ive ALWAYS had a "windows peak" type hairline & it doesnt suit me very well. Im 19 & for the last year Ive been a lot more conscious about my... READ MORE

21 year old male with high forehead. Would forehead reduction surgery or hair grafting be right for me? (photos)

Looked into the Forehead Reduction Surgery, however the scar being visible scares me. I've seen various Before & After pictures from different... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Surgeons Who Have Experience with Forehead Reduction Surgery in the Southeast U.s.?

I'm a 33 yr old male who has had some grafts on my hairline. i never really experienced any hair loss...just always had a high forehead. the... READ MORE

Hair line Lowering? (photo)

Hello I am a 19 year old male, and I have always had a large forehead(I face no issue of hair loss).I came to know about this hairline lowering... READ MORE

I'm 24 yrs old. Will getting my forehead lowered is a better option than hair transplant to achieve smaller forehead? (photos)

I asked about a hair transplant already and the replies said because of my age I should start with medication. I heard that propecia can stop a... READ MORE

Should I get hairline lowering surgery?

Hi, i'm a 17 year old male. i have an fairly high forehead and am quite embarrassed about the way it looks. my forehead is not receding, it is... READ MORE

What are these lines on my face? 15 years old. (Photo)

I have these lines on my face as seen in picture. They seem to be getting worse and worse everyday starting from about 6 months ago. They lower my... READ MORE

My forehead is so big. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

My whole life I have been insecure of it and it has held me back from being social and taking pictures. My forehead is huge and don't tell me it... READ MORE

My forehead is big. How much would it cost to reduce the size? (photos)

I've had long hair to cover it up for 5 years but now the true beast is unleashed, will I be good at telekinesis? My head makes me self conscious, how... READ MORE

What procedures would improve cranial shape, forehead prominence, hairline, and nose? What else would help my appearance?

I'm mid-30s and always thought surgeries were for girls. But I'm considering one for my head shape which is rather large and has an impression on top... READ MORE

Is a Forehead Lift a good alternative for Male Balding? What is a permanent solution? (photos)

Looking into a forehead lift or alternative as a male who is balding (I can't do endoscopic). Should I have division of the frontalis muscle (grows... READ MORE

How can I get my forehead and head corrected to give it a more normal shape? (photos)

My forehead sticks out (literally), my head is more rectangular and oval and uneven as well. I also have these two bumps on my forehead there not big... READ MORE

Hi, I'm a fit 30 year old male and have always been unhappy with my very high hairline. (photo)

Looking to lower my hair line about 2.5cm and have my brow bone shaved to get rid ofthe big lumps on my head. in proportion other than my very long... READ MORE

What is the current status of forehead reshaping in the US? (Photo)

I feel like this type of procedure would have a lot of asterisk potential. In my case, a squarer forehead could give a more masculine appearance. It... READ MORE

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