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What Are All of the Options for Men Who Want a Lower Hairline/lower Forehead?

I am a male who has always had a high hairline and high forehead and it has always bothered me. What are your suggestions? READ MORE

Am I Suitable For Hairline Lowering Surgery? (photo)

I'm a 28 year old male and i've had a high hairline since birth. i've not had any hairloss and there is no history of male baldness in my family. i... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering Candidate? (photo)

Hello doctors! Can you tell by these pictures if i can be a candidate for a hairline lowering procedure. You see I have a heart shaped face and I just... READ MORE

Forehead Reshaping and Hair Line Lowering? (photo)

Hi i really want to reshape my forehead so its flatter as its to prominent i have botox to lift it up currently, and when i am older it will be very... READ MORE

Can You Raise Your Eyebrows and Lower Your Hairline?

I'm 20 years old and I've always had a big forehad with low straight across eyebrows. I was wondering if you could lift your eyebrows higher into a... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering, Natural Results?

I have viewed a lot of results of scalp advancements and hairline lowering procedures on the internet and most of them i feel look very un natural,... READ MORE

Options for Feminizing a High Hairline (Transplants or Lowering Surgery) Female? (photo)

I have always disliked my hairline and recently I have been thinking about doing something about it. I could never really wear my hair up, tied back... READ MORE

Surgical Hairline Advancement Procedure Hairline is Too Low?

I had a Surgical Hairline Advancement. I had the 2 surgeries involving a tissue expander. I feel my hairline is too low. As a result, I want to move... READ MORE

How to Widen a Narrow Hairline? (photo)

I have a Narrow hairline just wanted to know how it can be widened?? It Is Narrow At the upper corners i don't have temples the hairline looks like... READ MORE

What is the root cause of receding hair above and around my ears? It's not hair loss but more of a very bad hairline. (photo)

Simply put, there is no hair growing above and around my ears. It started years ago but getting worse. I have been managing this situation by making... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering Surgery? (photo)

After hairline lowering surgery I am experiencing very darkened under eye area. What can i do to get rid of it? It's very distressing because I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lift My Temples and Pull Back Hairline?

Hi i'd like to know if there is any way to pull back my temples and lift my hairline at the sides of my head. i mean like a temple lift but not... READ MORE

Hello Doctors, Am I a Candidate for Hairline Lowering Surgery? (photo)

I have felt as though I have a bit of long forehead, nothing extreme but I would still try to hide it lol. Do you all consider my forehead to be long... READ MORE

What Causes Me to Swell After 25 Days Hair Line Lowering Procedure?

I had hair line lowering procedure 25 days ago, and the swelling after surgery gone after five days, but now after 20 days i anm swelling like i was... READ MORE

Please Suggest a Few of the Most Experienced Surgeons in Hairline Lowering/forhead Reduction?

Please suggest a few surgeons who perform this on a regular basis with good results. How is the scar like with this and is it noticeable to others... READ MORE

Lump After Hairline Lowering?

Hello I week ago I had plastic surgery I had haurline lowering and I developed on the side of my head a lump wich my surgeon said it would be absorbed... READ MORE

How much is it to have a hair line lowering surgery in Canada?

I would also like to know : How long is the procedure and can it be done under local anesthesia ? Thank you very much ! READ MORE

How Many Times Can You Have Your Hairline Lowered?

Hello, I had my hairline lowered last month but I still feel like my forehead is too big. I was wondering if It's possible to have my hairline lowered... READ MORE

I have very low hairline. Can I have it risen to increase my forehead size? (Photo)

It nearly touch my eyebrow and look very awkward, also have high density of hair, I tried some medicine for increase hair fall at forehead but it did... READ MORE

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