Eyebrows + Forehead Lift

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Can I Get Cosmetic Plastic Surgery to Flatten my Forehead?

I would like to get surgery to burr the forehead bone to make it as flat as possible, as mine extends outwardly, and also to lower my hairline a... READ MORE

Forehead and Brow Lift with Thermage or Fraxel

I would also like to know if Thermage lifts the forehead? Can it lift the brow area? I also would like to know if Fraxel laser would tighten the skin... READ MORE

Are my Eyes and Eyebrows Asymmetric and What Can Be Done to Fix It?

I think my eyes and eyebrows are asymmetric. Also, my eyes seem to be droopy.Can you please confirm whether I am right by looking at the pictures? If... READ MORE

Lasting Solution for Droopy Eyebrows?

My eyebrow tails are exceedingly droopy. I've tried a forehead lift, the so-called "Russian threads", and mini lifts. The results, while... READ MORE

Can You Raise Your Eyebrows and Lower Your Hairline?

I'm 20 years old and I've always had a big forehad with low straight across eyebrows. I was wondering if you could lift your eyebrows higher into a... READ MORE

I Had Endoscopic Forehead Lift/ Browlift and Can't Move Left Brow After 6 Days; What to Do?

I am very happy with the results so far, since my doctor did different procedures at the same time, but I'm a little concern with the fact that I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Forehead Reduction Surgery Without an Eyebrow Lift?

I was thinking that maybe I can get some type of transplant to expand the skin on my forehead, then go weeks later to get forehead reduction surgery,... READ MORE

Eyebrowlift & Upper Eyelid Which Method?

I want my upper eyelid more noticable & my eyebrows are too droopy. But find a complete forehead lift (both methods) too drastic. Although I'm... READ MORE

9 Weeks Post Op Coronal Forehead Lift, Eye Brows Too High. Will They Drop?

9 Weeks Post Op Coronal Forehead Lift, Eye Brows Too High.  Will They Drop? READ MORE

Forehead reduction/ brow lift? (photo)

My one eyebrow has a higher arch & I have a calic right on my hairline. Is there anyway they could fix the calic & would my eyebrows be more... READ MORE

Can you surgically bring the eyebrows closer towards the center of your face?

Due to rapid weight gain and loss, my eyebrows have fallen and "slid" away from the center of my face, down towards my temples. What once used to be... READ MORE

I have very low hairline. Can I have it risen to increase my forehead size? (Photo)

It nearly touch my eyebrow and look very awkward, also have high density of hair, I tried some medicine for increase hair fall at forehead but it did... READ MORE

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