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Cost of a Forehead Lift?

What is the price range of a forehead lift, just approximately... is this procedure less cost than a full face lift or more? READ MORE

Im 20 Years Old, Male, and Considering Forehead Reduction Surgery. What is the Process? (photo)

I've seen some websites for Bev Hills doctors that look good. I was wondering how much it would cost, and the whole planning process. My parent would... READ MORE

Forehead Augmentation Possible?

Hi, Im 20 years old male with cut forehead. I want to raise the height of the forehead. It's possible ? How much it cost ? It's dangerous ? READ MORE

What is the Cost of Reduction of the Length and Width of my Forehead, Plus Burring to Flatten my Forehead Bone?

I'll also need a skin expanding implant to help reduce the length of it. Can this all be done in one sitting (excluding the 6 weeks of skin... READ MORE

Approximately how much would it cost me for a forehead reduction or hair grafting? (photo)

Hi, my name is Kenneth, and I'm a 17 year old male with a very big forehead. The growth on the left side of my forehead including where my side burns... READ MORE

How much will it cost for me to get a hair lowering surgery? (photo)

I have patterns of male baldness in my family and I stay in Dallas Tx. How much would it cost for hair lowering surgery? READ MORE

How much is it to have a hair line lowering surgery in Canada?

I would also like to know : How long is the procedure and can it be done under local anesthesia ? Thank you very much ! READ MORE

I live in australia so who is the cheapest and closest doctor that does forehead lowering procedure in the states?

Im really desperate to have this done as no doctors do this in Australia. However procedure cost with flights and accomm is going to prove to be very... READ MORE

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