Fat Transfer Videos

Facial fat Transfer Combined With SmartSkin Laser for Acne Scars — See This Woman Heal Over 6 Weeks

Dr. James W. Goodnight performs fat transfer and fractional CO2 laser on this woman to improve her acne scars. VIEW NOW

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Facial Fat Transfer — The Doctor Explains the Pros and Cons

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian explains some of the advantages of using your own body fat to transfer to your face for fillers. VIEW NOW

How to Treat Your Aging Hands — The Doctor Recommends This Injectable Treatment

Dr. Jon A. Perlman describes options to make your hands look young again. VIEW NOW

About Face: The Doctor Explains Your Surgical Options for Face and Neck

What are your options when it comes to your face and neck? Get the details from Dr. Marc DuPere. VIEW NOW

How to Create Muscular Definition With Liposuction —See This Man's Procedure

Dr. Jason Emer demontrates VASER ultrasound with power assisted (Power X) superficial fat removal and abdominal etching on this man. VIEW NOW

This Man Gets a Six-Pack With VASER (Part 1)

Dr. Jason Emer performs VASER liposuction and etching to give this man the appearance of six-pack abs. VIEW NOW

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See 22 Seconds of Hi-Def Lip to This Man's Butt (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Jason Emer uses hi-def VASER liposuction to change the shape of this man's butt. VIEW NOW

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Looking Fresh Without Looking Different: See These Before & Afters

Dr. Michael R. Schwartz explains the procedures he uses to rejuvenate the face. VIEW NOW

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See You Later, Cellulite! Why Adding Fat Can Treat This Skincare Concern

What's cellulite and how do you treat it? Answers from Dr. James Namnoum. VIEW NOW

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See Why This Doctor Prefers Fat Grafting Over Facial Fillers

In an interview with the Wellness Hour, Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim discusses what areas fat grafting can be used on the face to restore a more youthful appearance. VIEW NOW

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See the Doctor Use Fat Mixed With PRP to Contour This Woman's Hips and Butt

Dr. Jason Emer injects fat mixed with platelet rich plasma (PRP) to contour this woman's hip and butt while improving the appearance of cellulite. She is awake during the procedure. VIEW NOW


This Woman Shares Her Experience With Fat Transfer and CO2 Fractional Laser — See Her Results Over Time

This woman wanted a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Dr. James W. Goodnight performed fat transfer and SmartSkin CO2 Fractional Laser on her face and neck. She shares her healing progress and final results. VIEW NOW

This Woman Had 28ccs of Fat Transferred to Her Hands — See the Results

Dr. James W. Goodnight performed fat transfer from this woman's abdomen to her hands to make them appear more youthful. See her healing progress and final results. VIEW NOW

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Maintaining Results From Fat Transfer and Fillers — See What the Doctor Recommends For This Woman's Face

Dr. Goodnight performed a DreamLift with fat transfer on this woman's. See her results and what touch-ups the doctor performed on her 5 years later. VIEW NOW

Facial Fat Transfer — See How This Woman Heals Over 12 Days

Dr. James W. Goodnight transferred fat from this woman's thigh to areas of her face. See her healing process and final result after 6 months. VIEW NOW