Fat Transfer Videos

Vaginal Rejuvenation: See How Fat Grafting Worked in This Labiaplasty

Curious about labiaplasty? See how fat grafting to the labia majora and wedge resection to the labia minora resulted in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. VIEW NOW

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Get a Virtual Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation (The Finale)

Dr. Wendell Perry provides the final installment of a virtual Brazilian butt lift consultation. Watch Part 1 at www.realself.com/video/brazilian-butt-lift-liposuction-and-fat-transfer-process-explained. VIEW NOW

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Labiaplasty: This Vagina Gets a Little Va Va Voom With Labia Wedge Resection and Fat Grafting

Dr. Johnny Franco walks us through a labiaplasty including fat grafting to the labia majora and a wedge resection of the labia minora to rejuvenates the entire vaginal area. VIEW NOW

How Long Will the Results of a Fat Transfer Last?

Fat transfers are marketed as permanent solutions to volume loss but how long do they really last? Dr. Richard Hodnett explains. VIEW NOW

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If I Want Kim Kardashian's Butt, Do I Need Implants?

Kim Kardashian has done X-Rays of her butt to prove that she doesn't have implants but that can't be her natural behind. Dr. Jon Grazer talks about how he thinks she achieved her famous backside. VIEW NOW

A Heart Shaped Butt Might Not be the Best Shape For You

Dr. Lane Smith explains the two techniques he can use to give a patient a fuller, rounder, shapier backside with either fat transferred from other areas of the body or implants. VIEW NOW

A Brazilian Butt Lift Produces a Fuller, Rounder, More Beautiful Backside

The Brazilian Butt Lift. We've all heard about it but Dr. Grant Stevens wants to explain more about this incredible fat transfer procedure and what it can do for you. VIEW NOW

Deepened Facial Folds After a Facelift: Why is My Appearance Worse?

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how swelling after a facelift can make nasolabial and mesolabial folds appear temporarily deeper than the actual final result. Volume can be added to these areas after swelling subsides. VIEW NOW

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Puffness Under the Eyes After Eye Bag Surgery is Normal and Temporary

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses how temporary swelling can affect the visible results of eye bag removal surgery until the swelling subsides, and how volume loss from aging can occur in other parts of the face. VIEW NOW

Brazilian Butt Lift Explained in Just 73 Seconds

On his marked patient, Dr. Johnny Franco goes over the areas to be liposuctioned and where the fat will be transferred to accomplish the butt augmentation. VIEW NOW


Turn Those Love Handles Into a Big, Beautiful Butt (In the Operating Room)

Dr. Johnny Franco takes extra fat from around this patient's midsection and thighs and sculpts it into a big, beautiful backside. Watch this fat transfer technique in motion! VIEW NOW


Using Fat to Increase Facial Volume Loss: What's Mine Is Yours

Prepare for a little something sci-fi. Dr. Shady Hayek explains how doctors can inject fat from another consumer to fill out areas you might want plumped. VIEW NOW

What Facial Rejuvenation Combo Procedures Are Common?

Combo procedures are becoming more and more popular, especially considering the savings from just one office visit as opposed to several. Dr. Pamela Henderson talks about some of the most popular combos she likes to recommend to patients. VIEW NOW

Battling "Filler Fatigue" With Fat Grafting or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Filler fatigue, which refers to patients who are tired of getting constant injections of fillers to look their best, could benefit from more permanent solutions such as fat grafting or PRP, explains Dr. Vish Banthia. VIEW NOW

Fat Grafting to the Butt Isn't Just About Making the Butt Bigger

Dr. Robert Centeno talks BBLs, explaining the ultimate goals, how it's done, and why so many are finding this procedure more and more attractive. VIEW NOW