Fat Transfer Videos

Minimally Invasive Breast Augmentation: Does It Exist?

Many patients are seeking larger breasts without implants, but is it possible? Dr. Leo McCafferty explains. VIEW NOW

Thin Skin Under the Eyes? Try These Treatments

Dr. John Fezza understands that some patients may be hesitant to get an eye procedure done due to thin skin but he has a few options for these patients that may surprise you. VIEW NOW

Removing and Adding Fat Are Both Great Lower Eyelid Options

Dr. Andrew Miller explains that improving the lower eyelids may include removing fat and filling hollow areas with fat harvested from elsewhere on the body. Your doctor can discuss which options are available to treat your specific problems. VIEW NOW

Facial Fat Injections: How Much Fat Do I Really Need?

Some plastic surgeons will tell their patients that all it takes is a few tablespoons to fat to makeover the face. But as Dr. Chase Lay explains, this is a common misconception. VIEW NOW

Facial Fat Injections: Benefits, Misconceptions, and More Common Questions

Dr. Chase Lay delves deep into the topic of fat transfer, clearing up misconceptions and answering common questions about the popular procedure. VIEW NOW

Fat or Fillers: Which Is Better?

There are pros and cons to using fat over fillers to plump up the face and Dr. Chase Lay breaks them down for us right here. VIEW NOW

Fat Transfer Could Take Several Procedures But It Is Permanent

Dr. Michael Persky discusses the ideal candidate for fat transfer, noting that they are generally patients who do not want a lifetime of injections but want something of a permanent nature. VIEW NOW

Inside the Doctor's Office: Chemical Peel Used to Treat Acne Scarring

Dr. Philip Young uses greater than 80% TCA deep chemical peels to help improve ice pick and other depressed scars. VIEW NOW

Scars After a Facelift Should Be Minimal and Unnoticable

Dr. William Adams discusses what scars a patient will have after a facelift, using a patient model who had a facelift three months ago. VIEW NOW

This Facelift Patient Is 1 Day Post-Op and Looks Great!

Dr. William Adamsinterviews his patient one day after surgical facial rejuvenation with face lift, brow lift, micro fat injections and TotalFX laser of the face, neck, and chest. VIEW NOW

How Is the Fat Processed For a Fat Transfer?

Dr. RIcardo Rodriguez explains the three top techniques for fat processing, so here's how your fat is treated before it's re-injected. VIEW NOW

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21-Year-Old Considering Jowl Treatment WIth Fat Transfer or ThermiRF

Dr. Edward Dickerson answers a RealSelf question from a young woman asking about possible treatments for her jaw area, so Dr. Dickerson talks about a few of her suggested treatments. VIEW NOW


Fillers vs. Fat Injections: Which Is Better?

Which is better: synthetic filler or fat injections? Dr. Sid Danesh answers this question. VIEW NOW

Laser Work and Fat Injections For a Better Facelift Result

Dr. Christine Rodgers shares her technique for facelifts and why she chooses to add laser work and fat injections at the same time. VIEW NOW

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The Key to Achieving a Natural-Looking Facelift Is Using This Technique

Dr. Mahlon Kerr explains that a proper facelift should be performed by pulling the muscles beneath the skin, NOT the skin by itself. VIEW NOW

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