Fat Transfer Videos

What's the "New Era of Plastic Surgery"?

Dr. Lauren Greenberg sees this procedure as the new era of plastic surgery. Learn what it is. VIEW NOW

Facelift or Fillers: How to Tell When You Need What

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains facial aging and how to tell when it might be time for a facelift. VIEW NOW

This Woman Got Butt Implants and Fat Transfer — See the Before and After

See what results can be achieved when combining butt implants with fat transfer. VIEW NOW


See How a Fat Transfer Rejuvenates This Woman's Hands

Using fat, Dr. Remus Repta gives this woman's hands a more youthful look. See for yourself. VIEW NOW

LiteLift Q&A: Can You Use Fat Instead of Fillers? (Part 2)

Learn about facial rejuvenation techniques, as explained by Dr. Larry S. Nichter. VIEW NOW

BBL Before and After: This Woman Gets 900ccs Per Side

Dr. Alexander Aslani shares before and after photos from a woman who got 900ccs of fat transferred to each buttock. VIEW NOW


This Marathon Runner Gets Facial Fat Transfer — See How It Makes Her Look Younger

A marathon runner, this woman noticed her face was looking hollow. See how Dr. Kimberly Butterwick harvests fat to restore facial volume. VIEW NOW

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This Woman Gets 1100ccs Per Buttock During Her BBL

See how Dr. Alexander Aslani transforms this woman's figure with 1100ccs of fat transfer to each cheek. VIEW NOW


How to Rejuvenate Tired Eyes and Cheeks

Dr. Brian M. Kinney demonstrates how to rejuvenate the face by tightening tissues and contouring fat around the eyes and cheeks. VIEW NOW

1100ccs Per Cheek: See How a BBL Changed This Woman's Curves

This woman got a BBL with 1100ccs of fat to each buttock. See her before surgery and two months post-op. VIEW NOW


Your 3 Options to Treat Those Under Eye Hollows

Dr. Scott K. Thompson explains the three main surgical and non-surgical techniques for rejuvenating the under eye area. VIEW NOW

Brazilian Butt Lift: 6 Tips to Get You Through Recovery

The RealSelf community shares tips on what to expect during your Brazilian butt lift recovery. VIEW NOW


Fat Transfer Before and After: See 1050ccs to Each Cheek

This woman got 1050ccs of fat to each cheek with Dr. Alexander Aslani. See the final results. VIEW NOW


How to Make Your Hands Look Younger With Fat Injections

Take 90 seconds and learn how to make your hands look younger, as explained by Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech. VIEW NOW

Mariela Wants Liposuction and a BBL — Watch Her Procedure (GRAPHIC)

See how liposuction and a BBL give Mariela an hourglass figure. Watch her procedure with Dr. David E. Kim. VIEW NOW