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How else to Restore Volume to Face if Too Skinny for a Fat Transfer?

As I see, fat autograft seems an effective measure to restore the volume of the face, yet if I do not have enough fat for extraction, are there any... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Vs Sculptra

I am a 43-year-old triathlete looking to replenish volume to my face. After consulting with several plastic surgeons, most recommended fat transfer... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to the Cheeks Longevity?

I have lost a lot of volume in the buccal area, below my cheekbones--Abraham Lincoln style. Does fat transfer last well in this area?   READ MORE

Can a Doctor Replicate the Results of Fillers with Fat Transfer?

I'm a 27 y/o female with a gaunt looking face due to loss of fat and deficient cheekbones. I want to add volume to my face, but I'm terrified... READ MORE

Can I Get Fat Injections if I Already Have Aquamid in my Face?

I have severe atrophy of fat in my face due to exercise and having consumed phentermine for weight loss. There is no visible fat in my face and I look... READ MORE

Would Facial Fat Transfer Benefit Someone With Muscular Dystrophy?

I have lost volume to the face due to age and having muscular dystrophy. Would a fat transfer work and how long will it last? Also please advise what... READ MORE

Is a Fat Transfer a Viable Option?

I am 20years old boy , I have very thin face , even my body fat is about 3% but my face seem cupped around my teeth , I want to know if I gain some... READ MORE

How Great Are the Results of Fat Grafting when It Comes to Vaser?(photo)

I have decided to go with my first Vaser lipo (I had lipo 8 yrs ago; not satisfied) and I want to get fat inyected to my buttocks area for VOLUME.... READ MORE

Can I get fat transfer to cover the entire dark circle hollow area? Can the amount of fat reach the cheek height/volume? (photo)

Im allotted limitd chrctrs to write; so here it goes: - Advancd wrning, pics r Vry unflttring but im shwcasng d areas in question - Othr ? i hav is;... READ MORE

Is it possible to add volume to your forehead?

I am interested in making my forehead more prominent, as I feel that I currently have a flat face. Japan apparently has a technique for accomplishing... READ MORE

What procedures would you suggest to gain volume in under eyes & cheeks, & lose fat in lower mid cheeks?

I am 28 year old male and I want more volume to undereye area and higher cheek bones/volume.I also have too much fat in the lower midcheek area.I am... READ MORE

How could I get this result for lips? (Photo)

I am wondering if this seems like a realistic expectation? I understand there is fillers and fat grafting. Which do you think is better to straighten... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Fat Transfer or Implants to change facial definition? (photos)

I'm looking to add more volume/characteristic to my face. My face is very flat, and has a very round heavy-top and my chin is small. Im not sure what... READ MORE

Fat transportation and collagen production?

Hello doctors ! Question : Does fat transportation cause collegen production or it's just about volumizing ? Thank you ! READ MORE

One side of my face way fatter than the other. Can I get fat suction one side of my face to fix my problem?

One side of my face is way fatter than the other. I have a crossbite, so the "thin" side, are also more marked. Beacause of the different volume, my... READ MORE

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