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Can Fat Transfer Migrate? (photo)

I am 10 days post op for corrigator resection with fat transfer to frown lines and above upper lip. I now have a large lump above each eye towards the... READ MORE

Orbital Muscle Puffiness After Under Eye Grafts?

I had under eye fat grafts performed about 6 months ago. Although the hollowness has disappeared and my eyes look youthful again, I have noticed that... READ MORE

Extremely Swollen 4 Weeks After Fat Transfer?

I got fat injected under my eyes to correct my dark circles. Four weeks later, I'm still very swollen. My left eye isn't TOO bad, but it looks like I... READ MORE

Cheeks are still swollen after two weeks after fat transfer. Is this normal? (photo)

I look like a chipmunk. I'm wondering what can I do to help them go down? I'm afraid they're going to stay this way READ MORE

What Can I Do For Disappointing Fat Grafting Under the Eyes?

I had fat grafting done under my eyes a year ago and I feel disgusted it looks like i still have a black eye and it still looks swollen under one.... READ MORE

Massage After Upper Eyelid Pearl Fat Grafting?

It has been a week since i had pearl fat grafting for upper eyelid hollowness. right after the surgery my doctor told me not to apply any cold or hot... READ MORE

Did the doctor put too much fat transfer in my cheeks or in the wrong spot?

I had a quick lift and fat transfer to cheeks, lips a week ago. He said he adds 20% more because 15-40% will dissolve and to wait. He changed the... READ MORE

Can Minimum Fat Be Inserted Like Filler in Non Surgical Way?

I had recently taken fat under eyes, upper eyelid and near eyebrow corners. today is 5th day. Left under eye looks overfilled swollen and with ridge... READ MORE

I got lipofilling in my lips, to make them a LITTLE bigger. Is there anyway to UNDO this? Taking out the fat? (Photo)

5 days after i am very disappointed with the results, they look HUGE, they are itchy, and the worst, they look totally asymmetrical, and i dont know... READ MORE

Swollen, hard lump and uneven under eye area after fat transfer. 2 weeks post op? (photo)

I had an under eye fat transfer done to fill in dark under eye hollows but 2 weeks post op, I'm left with uneven dark bags and I can feel hard lumps.... READ MORE

6 days post op of Facial Fat Transfer, my cheeks are big and have spaces between my lips and nose. Is this normal?

Sorry for my insistance, but my face today is even worse than yesterday. I've done facial fat transfer 6 days ago and yesterday I had to be outdoor... READ MORE

1 year post op Fat grafting, I have two lumps. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hello, please sorry for my English, i´m from Germany. 12 Months ago, i had Fat graft to the Malar Region, 1,5 cc left and 1 cc right. Today i dont... READ MORE

1 week post op fat grafting and I look the same after minus some asymmetry. How long before I can do filler?

I did full face fat grafting a week ago (temple and cheeks) . i looked a little swollen the first few days, but now i look the same as before minus a... READ MORE

I am worried about my facial fat graft recovery. Will a soft bump on the cheek kill my fat after 9 days from the surgery date?

Hi. I'm recovering from face fat grafting that I had 10 days ago. The process is going well. I think I'll have a nice result. Last night my husband &... READ MORE

After a Fat Transfer to my lips, one is much bigger, when can I expect to look normal?

I got fat grafting to lips during lipo. The objective was to get more applied to top than the bottom but my bottom lip is swollen more. Currently I am... READ MORE

52 yo heavy smoker - recently my eyes have become hollow with swollen bags under both eyes. What is the best treatment? (photo)

Hi i am 52 heavy smoker recently around my eyes became hollow with swollen bags under both eyes what is the best treatment READ MORE

I had a fat transfer to my face yesterday and it's looking lumpy. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had eyelid surgery and fat transferred to my face yesterday and I'm a little worry because it looks like I'm getting some lumps in my face. Is this... READ MORE

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