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Fat Transfer to the Ankles?

If you have small ankles, can you have the fat removed from your stomach place in your ankles to make them thicker? READ MORE

How Do You Sleep After a Tummy Tuck and Fat Transfer to the Butt?

I dont want to lose my fat transfer by sleeping on it to much but then again i have a tummmy tuck that goes a lil more then half way in it hurts to... READ MORE

Can Someone Tell Me How Much Fat Grafting Would Cost?

So I want to go in for fat grafting, but I am unsure how much I'm looking at? I need not much just maybe 2 full syringes maybe even 1.5 however much... READ MORE

Am I an ideal candidate for a Fat Transfer from Arms, Lower stomach and sides to get fuller hips? (photos)

Hello, I live in Miami, FL. I have a GREAT butt but, no hips. My body is solid muscle with the exception of a few areas. The back of my arms, my upper... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Fat Grafting or Transfer to Be Puffy and Hard?

During lipo on my stomach, the Dr. made a small dimple or dip and dedcided to fix it by injecting some fat back into that area. He stated he needed to... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Transferred from One Place to Another and What Would the Price Range for Surgery Be?

I am a plus sized person and i would like to get surgery to make my stomach and thigh areas smaller. Can the fat taken from them be used to make my... READ MORE

Can I Get my Money Back After Lipo and Fat Transfer to Face? Fat is Completely Gone After 2 Months

The fat transfered to face completely gone and tummy was left disfigured. Doct. said to wait 6 months total for tummy to heel. Doct. promised after... READ MORE

Can I Get a Fat Transfer to my Flank/love Handle Area Instead of Butt?

I had a botched/unwanted external lipo procedure on my love handles two years ago that left me with a very rectangular, waist-less body. Is there a... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breast During Implant Removal Now Flank/butt?

I had 250 cc fat removed from both flanks to transfer to breast during a implant removal about 8 months ago. I now feel I have lost the fullness to my... READ MORE

I'm 11days Post Op Fat Transfer of Stomach, Flanks, & Inner Thighs to Butt. Is It Too Soon to Wear Heels?

I feel fine but I'm supposed to wait 14 days before sitting so I plan on minimal sitting just want to go out to a party or club or a few hours to get... READ MORE

Will my Tummy Tighten Again?

I recently had fat extraction (just a little bit) from my tummy for my forehead fat grafting. I wasn't aware that I had to wear a girdle after that... READ MORE

My stomach is numb after having a fat transfer from my stomach to my butt, how long until feeling returns?

My stomach and waist and sides are really hard and numb from my fat transfer from the stomach and back and sides area too my butt. My butt is fine its... READ MORE

Could I have a fat transfer from my stomach to my breasts? (Photo)

As you can see from my pictures below, I have very tiny breasts and a big flabby stomach. To clarify, I do not want breast implants and I heard about... READ MORE

I want to tighten my stomach. Am I not a candidate for lipo or fat transfer since i don't have much fat? (photo)

Other than tummy tuck? I went to a few consultations, some said fat transfer BUT they all agreed that there might not be enough fat. That it is not... READ MORE

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