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Fat Transfer to Cheeks Makes Undereye Bulge when I Smile- Will The Fat Reabsorb In TIme?

Two years ago, I had fat transferred to my cheeks (also had upper & lower bleph). When I smile, my cheeks push up and make bags under me eyes.... READ MORE

I Had a Neck Lift and Fat Injections, Will I Smile Normally?

A week ago, I had a neck lift and fat injections to the face. I'm pleased with my results, however I am unable to smile. Is this normal? Is this... READ MORE

49 and had fat transfer to cheeks and brow lift. After 3 yrs I avoid smiling. Puffiness makes winkling effect much worse.(Photo)

I have ridges of fat you can see and feel sitting on my cheek bones extending to my nose. It creates shadows. My left eye has a deposit of fat sits... READ MORE

How soon after Fat Transfer (to the face) is it safe to use facial muscles again (to chew, talk, smile, etc.)?

Male, aged 36. I am thin, so I’ve had substantial volume loss. I want fat transferred to nasolabials, teartroughs, upper and lower cheeks, and a bit... READ MORE

I had Fat Transfer to face 5 days ago. What can I use to help the swelling go down?

I had fat transfer to my face 5 days ago and I'm still unrecognizable. I'm very scared and I hope I look normal soon..... What can I use to help the... READ MORE

Had two fat transfers and still have problems. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've had two fat transfers, the first one left a flat area in my cheek. The second one corrected this a bit but there is still an obvious flat area in... READ MORE

Six months after fat transfer. I look like a chipmunk when I smile. now what?

I wanted fat transfer on my temple and buccal area. 6 mos ago dr put it on the apple of my cheeks where i didnt need it. Unfortunately most survived... READ MORE

Will facial expression affect fat transfer results?

I am going for fat transfer to my jawline and buccal area. Wondering if facial expression like smiling and talking after 2 weeks of fst transfer will... READ MORE

After you get fat injections, should it be more difficult to talk or smile?

I've had fat grafting to my cheeks and for the first month, i felt nothing, but then i started to feel like something was pressing on a nerve on my... READ MORE

11 days post op, I have swelling in one cheek after fat injection. Is this normal?

I had Fat injuction to my malar cheeks 10 days ago, today 11 . I still feel my face is stiff and I can't smile or laugh like I used to do before. My... READ MORE

How difficult is to release arcus marginalus with fat transfer?

How difficult is the surgery to do and what possible long term effects if done wrong? i hear its suppose to make your eye skin flat and not so balled... READ MORE

Could fat transfer fix this? (photo)

When I smile I have that fold as seen in the picture. It appeared 2 years ago, I think it was caused due IPL and fat loss, because it was never there... READ MORE

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