Puffiness + Fat Transfer

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Options for Reducing Under Eye Puffiness from Pearl Fat Grafting?

I had Pearl Fat Grafting to correct hollowness after lower Blepharoplasty. However, the area became puffy after the fat grafting. It has been 3 months... READ MORE

Lump Under Eye Though No Fat Was Supposed to Be Put There? (photo)

I have had a lump right under my right eye since the very day I got my fat transfer in June of 2012 (8 months ago), so I know it's not scar tissue. It... READ MORE

49 and had fat transfer to cheeks and brow lift. After 3 yrs I avoid smiling. Puffiness makes winkling effect much worse.(Photo)

I have ridges of fat you can see and feel sitting on my cheek bones extending to my nose. It creates shadows. My left eye has a deposit of fat sits... READ MORE

I have previously had fat injections in my cheeks and now that I am in my early 50s my jowls and cheeks look puffy and bulbous.

I am told my only option is a lower Jowl lift but I'm not ready for such an invasive procedure. What are my options? READ MORE

Had facial fat transfer 3 days ago. My cheeks are way too big & my upper lip area (between my lip and nose) is puffy. (Photo)

I did not have fat injected into my lips so I'm thinking that the puffiness is coming from the fat graphs to the nasolabial folds. My face is... READ MORE

Can 5-fu injections work to reduce the amount of fat/puffiness in the face after 2.5 yr old fat transfer? What are the risks?

Had fat transfer to cheek area 2.5 yrs ago. I wanted to achieve more defined cheek bones. But the doctor did too much & too wide of an area, now my... READ MORE

Lumps under one eye after fat transfer & still puffy under other

I had a lift & fat transfer done a month ago. My one eye has a couple lumps under it & the other is still puffy. Is this normal for a month later or... READ MORE

I had lower lid bags removed, now I look too hollow and my checks look puffy. Will a Fat Transfer help fix this?

I am hollow and have more crows feet. i have more skin around the eye i am considering fat transfers maybe a blasph pinch but sometimes it looks fake... READ MORE

Fat graft excision. I ended up with a lump under my eyes and puffiness everywhere in my face.

I had fat graft two months ago to lower cheeks, nasolobian lines & middle cheeks! I ended up with a lump under my eys & puffiness everywhere in my... READ MORE

I had fat injection/fat graft 19 days ago. One side of my face is back to normal causing to be uneven. Will it even out?

I had fat injection 19 days ago. One side of my face is back to normal , like I did nothing :) only it became higher likd cheekbone which I like it... READ MORE

Would it work remove lumps safely by excision? (photos)

Fat graft into nasolobian,smile lines & bottom cheeks resulted in lumps that give puffiness to surrounding face parts.One surgeon told me its safer to... READ MORE

Cheek Lift and Aspiration of Silicone and Fat Options?

I'm a 37 year old woman who had fat transfer to my cheeks around 10 years ago and (maybe silicone injections). I'm not 100% sure i had silicone... READ MORE

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