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Fat Transfer: How Long is the Recovery Period?

I am planning to have a fat transfer on May 20, 2001. I am 55 yrs old woman looking forward to have this procedures. I have a consultation appointment... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks and Breasts at the Same Time Possible?

I've heard that after Fat Transfer to the butt you can't sit for a month. Is this true? I have a desk job (sitting most of the day) and can't take a... READ MORE

Expedite Healing from Fat Transfer?

I am getting Fat Transfer on 5/26/09. How long will I be bruised or swollen? What can I do to reduce the down time so I can go out? READ MORE

Swelling and Lumps on Cheeks After Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer on my cheeks last Friday March 27. I look awful. I look as if I have a tennis ball in each side of my mouth. The swelling is at the... READ MORE

How Long Does it Take for Fat Trasnsfer to Face (Mainly Cheeks) to Heal? Still Red 6 Weeks Post-Op.

6 weeks ago I had some fat taken from my thigh,and put in to my cheeks and chin area.The swelling and redness, had subsided 2 weeks ago, but these... READ MORE

Hi I Am Considering a Facial Fat Transfer with Recommended Surgeon but So Nervous Because of the Swelling?

I am due to go speak to surgeon 14/6/12 regarding facial fat transfer but dont know if can go ahead because of the swelling and only have 3 weeks... READ MORE

Can a "Micro" Fat Transfer Significatilly Reduce Healing Time?

I'm considering fat grafting to add volume to my cheeks. I'm not interested in temporary fillers .The problem is that I have to be presentable after a... READ MORE

How Long Will my Undereyes Remain Pink After Fat Injection Surgery?

My eyes aren't hurting but they are still pink. It is 10 days out and I did apply powder makeup last evening but had it off within a few hours. How... READ MORE

What is the Optimal Healing Time After Fat Injections to Remove?

I had fat injected into my upper cheeks with small injections in multiple layers from my stomach 4 months ago and I'm not fond of it. How long I... READ MORE

Inflammation in Fat Transfer Good or Bad?

Does inflammation process in fat transfer recipient site a good thing or a bad thing in the survival of fat? I read some clinical case studies stated... READ MORE

Should fat transfer be the solution to revisions needed after my 2013 BA and lift? (Photo)

A wound appeared a few days after sutures were removed. This resulted in a year long healing process. I am so disappointed in the results. I'm going... READ MORE

I will be getting an under eye fat transfer. After 1 week, will I will be able to go to work and do my job maybe with a hat on?

I will be getting an under eye fat transfer and possibly some to my upper lid area. I was told three weeks healing time. after one week will I will be... READ MORE

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