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Difference Between Fat Grafting and Fat Injection?

Is "fat graphing" the same procedure as a "fat injection"? I am contemplating a face and neck lift and the surgeon recommended a "fat injection,"... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Chin Enhancement?

Hello, docs. I am male, my chin is not inline with my lips, it is just about less than a cm backwards, i dont want a chin implant or artefill (my own... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Fat Grafting and Dermis Fat Graft?

I've seen these mentioned in other posts but are they the same thing or two different things? READ MORE

Body Fat Percentage Requirement for Fat Grafting?

If I'm interested in fat grafting, must I have a certain percentage of body fat for harvesting? I work out regularly and have low body fat. Thanks. READ MORE

How to Travel 11 Hour Flight 12 Days After Butt Fat Aug and Breast Lift?

I am going away to have lipo with fat graph to butt, and a breast lift. I have an 11 hour flight back home 12 days after the surgery, any ideas how I... READ MORE

Procedures to Lessen the Appearance of a Skin Graft Scar (Donor Site)? (photo)

Hi. Several years ago I experienced an accident which necessitated skin grafts. The doctors took the grafts from my thighs, and ever since there has... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Fill in Hollows in Mid-Face. Is This My best Option? (photo)

I'm not sure how, but after an face proceedure a few years ago I lost a lot of fat in my cheeks and they became very hollow in the submalar area.... READ MORE

I Wonder if Tissue Grafting Can Fix the Nasolabial Fold Sulcus and Drooping Corners of the Mouth?

Some interesting stuff from Korean Plastic website with regards to lower part of face including nasal and drooping month end. It is as follows: Take... READ MORE

How to Stop Fat Graft Taking to a Certain Area?

5 days ago I had fat grafting to repair atrophy from a previous trauma. The surgeon seems to have put some fat in a few areas I din't want it (jaw... READ MORE

Is a fat graph my best option?

In 2005 I had lumpectomy and radiation to left breast for early breast cancer. Then in February 2013 I had breast cancer, Stage II in right followed... READ MORE

Weight gain after fat transfer to breast and buttocks, where on my body can I expect the new weight to go?

During my consultation my doc said i dont have enough fat to transfer. If he does, then only few fat will remain in the grafted areas. My question: if... READ MORE

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