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Why is Fat Transfer a Low Rated Procedure on RealSelf?

Fat transfer or grafting has slid into one of the lowest rated plastic surgery procedures on RealSelf. Under 40% of consumers say fat transfer was... READ MORE

Reversing Fat Transfer Results?

Three days ago, I had Liposuction done on my hips and back area. Then, at the same time, I had a fat transfer (graft) into my cheeks and folds of my... READ MORE

Correct Bad Fat Transfer Results with Blepharoplasty?

I had a fat transfer under my eyes because they were so hollow. Around 6 months later, there was an uneven swelling that hardened into uneven lumps.... READ MORE

Had Problems with Fat Transfer?

I was originally interested in Blepharoplasty, but my surgeon said I didn't have excess skin, and what I really needed was more volume, so I opted for... READ MORE

Risk of Pulmonary Embolism During Fat Transfer?

I need this done, however I am very fearful of the "what if's", especially this complication. Is this a 1 in 1000, or? I would really... READ MORE

Eye Bags After Fat Grafting Procedure

I had a fat grafting procedure performed to pad the area under my eyes. (For whatever reason the muscle could be easily seen through my very fair and... READ MORE

Pillowing and Discoloration 5 Months After Fat Transfer Under Eyes

I had fat injections under eyes to fill out some hollowness 5 months ago. The right eye is pillowed and discolored and the swelling has not gone down... READ MORE

Fat Injections over Aquamid?

I had Aquamid injection 2 years ago for smile lines. I had no complicaiton so far but regret the injection as I was not properly informed it was a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Fat Grafting over Sculptra?

I was wondering if it was possible to get fat grafting in an area that has previously been treated with Sculptra? Are there any complications that... READ MORE

Complications and long-term results from lower eyelid fat grafting?

I was going to have fat graphing with my eye bag repositioning to help fill in some of the hollowness. My surgeon said he's seen lumpiness occur with... READ MORE

Would Having Cancer Affect the Way a Facial Fat Transfer Would Survive?

Had a mini facelift back in March 2011. Facial fat transfer also done at the same time. Results were gorgeous. By late May, about half of the fat... READ MORE

Fat Graft After Silicon Injection to the Lips?

I've had a very small amount of Silikon 1000 injected to my lips before, about a year ago. I'm considering having fat graft to increase my cheek... READ MORE

Is it possible for any fat grafting specialist to nearly guarantee that there will be no complications?

I'm interested in getting fat injections (on my face), but am very scared after reading countless horror stories from people that had it done. I know... READ MORE

What are the possible complications from fat transfer for lips?

Can the fat migrate from where it was placed? Can you form a lot of scar tissue? Can it become lumpy? What about necrsosis? Sorry for so many... READ MORE

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