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Fat Injections in the Buttocks

What do I need to know before I get fat injections in the buttocks? Is there a better or safer way to get a bigger butt? READ MORE

I'm 31 yrs old, 5'4, and 114 lbs. I had fat transfer 4 months ago. How do I make my breasts bigger without implants? (photos)

I did nAtural fat transfer to breast 4 months ago, I did lost at least 40% . I do like my breast, they are fuller but still small, I am 5,4 114 lb... READ MORE

Is 300cc enough fat for a fat transfer to butt? Will it make a difference, how much fat will stay? (photos)

I want lipo and fat transfer, would like a rounder bigger butt. Dr, recommends lipo to thighs(inner,outer,banana roll) he said he never does more than... READ MORE

The size you become after a fat transfer to buttock is that your permanent size? Can it possibly get bigger? (photos)

Am only at a week and few days and swelling going down and am so disappointed at my results READ MORE

Hips are 85cm and I want 90-95cm - What's the best process?

I have hips only 85cm and i want to become 90-95cm. So how can i do it or what kind of exercise or food or clothes that i need to do it? READ MORE

Should I go back to get my right hip fix? (photo)

Fat transfer was injected into my hips. My right hip is now bigger than my left. READ MORE

I'm 22 and I have two kids. Can you do fat transfer to only one breast??

I'm 22 and I have two kids, my left breast has always been bigger than my right. It is very noticeable. I've asked doctors if there was anything I can... READ MORE

Can fat graft to my nose be done to get fuller, bigger, and higher nose?

I had a rinoplasty 2 years ago for my crooked nose and to enlargeit as it was2 small , dr use diced ribcartigale and result was nice , my nose got... READ MORE

Brow lift and fat injections for lip and brows, but two weeks the fat is almost gone and wrinkle is still there. Is this normal?

My doctor just lifted the sides of my brows because I am too young for a full brow lift. Fat was injected to my lips and in the frown area where I had... READ MORE

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