Atrophy + Fat Transfer

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Fat Transfer to the Heel Area?

I have had a total of 3 steroid injections to the bottom of my left foot over a period of 3 years for plantar faciaitis. I now have some atrophy of... READ MORE

Topical Steroid Atrophy. Fat Transfers or Surgery? (photo)

I have topical steroid atrophy on my face about one year and i tried all dermatologicals treatments (radiofrequency/laser, mesotheraphy/fillers).... READ MORE

How Can you Tell that Fat has Actually Survived the Transfer? Biopsies?

I am trying to fix some bad fat atrophy on my face and am looking into fat transfer. After reading lots of reports I can't find anything that... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Progressive Hamifacial Atrophy Correction?

Hello Doctors, I'm 26 yr old, I've progressive hamifacial atropy & en coup de sabre morphea on the right side of face. My upper right lip, right... READ MORE

Would Getting Fat Transfer of the Glutes Stop Atrophy from Getting Worse After a Kenalog Injection?

Received 4 kenalog 40 injections (10ccs each site?) in my hips 3 months ago have fat atrophy within 3 days and now the dents are starting to show as... READ MORE

I Have Muscular Atrophy in my Lower Part Therefore I Have No Hips, Small/Flat Buttock?

I have polio and muscular atrophy in my lower part ( the legs) therefore i have no hips,very small, so flat buttock i don't what is good for me... READ MORE

Steroid injection to correct fat transfer but now too much atrophy how to stop this?

I had very over done fat transfer to cheeks 4 years later looking like chipmunk found doctor to do steroid injection to cheek 25 Percent now one month... READ MORE

How to Stop Fat Graft Taking to a Certain Area?

5 days ago I had fat grafting to repair atrophy from a previous trauma. The surgeon seems to have put some fat in a few areas I din't want it (jaw... READ MORE

Mild fat atrophy along the underside jaw line from kenelog injections post face/necklift: Can fat transfer make things worse?

I have mild fat atrophy along the underside of my jaw line from kenelog injections post face/necklift. My PS wants to tranfer fat from a bump under my... READ MORE

Can I get a touch up of fat grafting on cheek where only the centre has depressed but surrounding areas are intact?

I suffer from facial palsy and thus had a sunken right cheek( atrophied) so got a fat transfer; I loved the results but after 3 months the centre of... READ MORE

Could a top doctor recommend a top face fat grafting surgeon in London?

I have fat atrophy from an ipl/ radio frequency treatment, and I'm looking to rectify the issue I have. America do have top surgeons but I'm not able... READ MORE

Had fat injection two months ago from cortisone shot. Caused fat atrophy and still slightly swollen (Photo)

On May13/15 had fat grafted lower malar left side face due to fat atrophy from cortisone shot. I feel like my doctor over corrected. It's slightly... READ MORE

Transconjunctival fat grafting to repair Radiofrequency induced atrophy around eyes? (photos)

I had 4 RF trx, four months ago. Rapid atrophy around eyes. Deep, circular lower hollow from tear trough around to outer corner. Loss of upper lid... READ MORE

Would fillers/fat injections be a good idea?

After surgery on my scalp, I developed two sunken lines on my forehead. My doctor informed me that those sections on my forehead atrophied and that... READ MORE

Facial fat/soft tissue atrophy after injection of ethanol to treat angioma (Photo)

I had a tiny angioma on the right bottom corner of my face since I was little. 4 years ago a doctor treated the angioma by injection of Bleomycin A5... READ MORE

Fat grafting to the heel

Hello, has there been lately any success with fat grafting under the heel? I guess some surgeons perform this procedure? I have a severe fat atrophy... READ MORE

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