Asymmetry + Fat Transfer

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Is Fat Grafting Now a Good Solution for Breast Asymmetry (Less Than One Cup Size)? (photo)

I'm 33 and planned to get implants to correct my asymmetry (B on left and prob an A and a half on right). I mentioned to a surgeon that I would... READ MORE

What is the Best Method to Fix Asymmetrical Cheeks?

Hi.. I am a 25 years old and I lost about 20 kilos. I did gain some about 10 kilos later on but I have noticed that I have a symmetry problem with my... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Be Used to Create Sculpted, High Cheekbones?

I have a round face, and it is noticeably asymmetrical. I've heard that fat transfer can be used to fix asymmetry, and I would rather have a fat... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Fix Assymmetrical Cheeks After Fat Transfer?

I had a fat transfer to my cheeks and have been having issues ever since. It has been 3 months and one cheek is still higher and more pronounced than... READ MORE

Face Fat Trasfer After 2 Weeks?

I have face fat transfer done and already into my 3rd week of recovery. The biggest concern I have is the two sides of my face look asymmetrical. One... READ MORE

Do I Have Enough 'Spare Fat' to Have a Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement? (photo)

I'm 18 years old, 173cm tall and weigh about 63 kilograms. My left breast (B cup) is a full cup size larger than my right. I hate having... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face, Uneven Facial Muscles? (photo)

I'm 20 years old and when my face is relaxed my right lip droops a little. looking back @ old photos, it seems i was born this way. i feel like i look... READ MORE

Went for fat injections under my eyes; along had a fat transfer of the cheeks and it's a disaster?

My cheeks were fat and I had laugh lines. My face is now asymmetrical. The normal fat which went up the area of my face beside my nose and then... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Eyelids

Hello.. My eyes are asymmetrical like the photo. below the eyebrows in the right eye, lose fat and now sunk. I think a fill is necessary to replace de... READ MORE

Can a Fat Transfer Make my Eyes More Symmetrical?

I've always had a problem with one of my eyes being deeper set than the other. The difference looks significant depending on the angle you see my... READ MORE

Facial Fat Grafting - Over Time Changes/adjustments?

Im 20 (male) looking to have facial fat graft transfer to improve symmetry on 1 side of my face. Im worried about the fat adjusting over time. In 3-5... READ MORE

Forehead graft 4 weeks ago, one side bigger than other. Is this swelling? (photo)

Please help me i just had fat graft 4 weeks ago. and its look like my right side is bigger than my left forehead. i asked my doctor and he advice if... READ MORE

Eye Ptosis. Can you tell me if I have had nerve damage and what the best treatment is?

Hi I had fat transfered to the temples and directly after the procedure I couldent open my left eye without using my fingers. After a few hours it was... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Fat Grafting, my face is asymmetrical. How do I fix my asymmetry? (photo)

I had fat grafting three weeks ago, but i am asymmetrical (it has bn the same degree of asymmetry since day one just on a smaller scale). i wanted to... READ MORE

I got lipofilling in my lips, to make them a LITTLE bigger. Is there anyway to UNDO this? Taking out the fat? (Photo)

5 days after i am very disappointed with the results, they look HUGE, they are itchy, and the worst, they look totally asymmetrical, and i dont know... READ MORE

Burns from Fat Transfer, This Was my 4th Procedure with the Same Doc. Something Seems Wrong? (photo)

After the first procedure, I had a lot of fill on one cheek, not something that I asked for, but it looked good. Last week was my 4th procedure. I... READ MORE

6 days post op of Facial Fat Transfer, my cheeks are big and have spaces between my lips and nose. Is this normal?

Sorry for my insistance, but my face today is even worse than yesterday. I've done facial fat transfer 6 days ago and yesterday I had to be outdoor... READ MORE

Fat transfer vs. implant for jaw asymmetry? (photo)

Hi. i am looking for a solution for an uneven jawline. i've had a jaw implant put in one side of the face but it wasn't big enough so my jawline... READ MORE

1 week post op fat grafting and I look the same after minus some asymmetry. How long before I can do filler?

I did full face fat grafting a week ago (temple and cheeks) . i looked a little swollen the first few days, but now i look the same as before minus a... READ MORE

When Should I Become Concerned About the Asymmetry of Fat Transfer to my Jaw Line?

I am four weeks post op from a fat transfer to my jaw line and a chin implant. My jaw line is quite asymmetrical at this point. The right side has... READ MORE

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