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Fat Transfer to the Ankles?

If you have small ankles, can you have the fat removed from your stomach place in your ankles to make them thicker? READ MORE

Fat Grafting the Only Solution for Skinny Ankles?

I have skinny ankles. Is fat grafting the only solution for this problem? I would like to have pretty legs. READ MORE

Will Fat Transfer to Legs and Ankles Go Down More?

I just had fat Grafting on my lower leg and knee 2 weeks ago, cause the were bony. But to be honest they still a bit bruise and my feet are swollen.... READ MORE

Can Fillers or Fat Be Injected into the Neck or Ankles?

I am a thin (5'3", 115 lb.) I'm 39 year old woman. I've always had bony ankles, and even though my weight has not changed in ten years, my neck... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Transferred to the Lower Part of the Legs?

Can Fat Be Transferred to the Lower Part of the Legs; Not the Calf's, but Lower?) It seems as if my legs are disproportionate, and they seem more... READ MORE

Cost of Fat Transfer to Ankles?

I have skinny ankles and was interested in tranferring ab fat to ankles. Is this possible? READ MORE

I Have Skinny Ankles. What Are My Options? (photo)

I'm roughly about 70-80lbs and i have very skinny ankles. i was wondering if there is anything i can do about that READ MORE

Is there any way fat can be transferred to my ankle to make my legs look better? (photo)

My ankles are very slim and the calf really fat, can I have a fat transfer done or is there any other less risky and non surgical procedure that could... READ MORE

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