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Facial Fat Transfer and Cat Look?

I got facial fat grafting along with my rhinoplasty 11 days ago. I look like a cat and I am scared I will stay looking like this. I want my cheeks and... READ MORE

How to Remove Mysterious Dent in Thigh?

I am 21 and for as long as I can remember I've had this strange dent ib my thigh. It looks similar to a cellulite dimple except it's hard on the sides... READ MORE

Fat Injections to Thicken Stretched Earlobe?

I am an eighteen year old female who is currently stretching her earlobes. The basic idea is to get them to look like the attached picture. One of my... READ MORE

I'm 23 but my Eyes Are 50! What Can I Do? (photo)

I have youthful looking skin everywhere except under my eyes. When people look at me I feel its the first thing they notice. I often am asked if I am... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Vs Restylane?

A plastic surgeon recommended fat transfer for under my eyes since i have deep hollows extending into cheek area. I am 20 years old. He said its... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Thicken Skin Under Lower Eyelids and Above Lips?

Hello, I'm 24 years old with very thin skin especially around my eyes and lips. I moisturize and wear sunscreen everyday but I still have lots of... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breasts - Will It Affect my Ability to Breastfeed?

I'm interested in getting a fat transfer to my breasts but I'm 19 - would a fat transfer affect future breast growth? Would it affect my ability to... READ MORE

Fat Injections Help Thin Face in 19-year-old?

Hi, I'm 19 years old and I think I need fat injections. My problem is that I lost weight and my face got so bony and I feel insecure but I... READ MORE

Is it Safe to Have Fat Transfer Under the Eyes for Dark Circles?

It's safe to do Fat Transfer for under eyes for dark circles in age of 21 READ MORE

Canthopexy and Fat Grafting for Droopy Eyelids?

Hello, I am very dissatisfied with my eyes. I am wondering if a Canthopexy and Fat Grafting is too much to do or if I qualify for it? I'm 20 ... READ MORE

Dents on Cheeks, How To Fix?

Sir my age is 21 and i have deep dents on my cheeks overall my face is very fat now.i have taking very good diet since 7 months.everything is ok and... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face, Uneven Facial Muscles? (photo)

I'm 20 years old and when my face is relaxed my right lip droops a little. looking back @ old photos, it seems i was born this way. i feel like i look... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes After Eyelid Surgery. Is Fat Grafting an Option?

Im an asian, im 24 years old, did my eyes 8 weeks ago.i noticed that my eyes are a bit sunken when i raise my brow. I have gone through double eyelid... READ MORE

Is Naturalfill a Good Alternative to Fix Uneven Breast As Well As Butt Enlargement?

Hi, I'm 21 and I have uneven breast one is a D cup cup and the other is a B cup.Iv'e been considering the procedure being that it seems to be less... READ MORE

Is a Fat Transfer a Viable Option?

I am 20years old boy , I have very thin face , even my body fat is about 3% but my face seem cupped around my teeth , I want to know if I gain some... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Advisable for 23 Year Old for Tear Troughs and Cheeks? (photo)

My doctor said he would use a fat to treat the area. But it seems some doctors really oppose this and prefer fillers. He is a board certified plastic... READ MORE

Best Height & Weight Range for Successful Fat Grafting to Butt & Breasts?

Hi doctors! I have decided to get SmartLipo on my abs, flanks, upper & lower back. I'm getting fat grafted to my breasts & butt. I'm aware of... READ MORE

Mild Nasolobial Creases for a Patient in Early Twenties? (photo)

I developed some mild nasolobial lines from smiling. there is some loss of volume in those areas. what is the best (long-lasting) way to get rid of... READ MORE

Does IPL Cause Aging? Can Fat Grafting Be Done 3 Days After Ipl Treatment? What Are the Side Effects of Facial Fat Grafting?

Hi, my face has moderate acne scars since last year, mainly pigmentation without any pitting. In addition, I also lost a lot of fat, especially around... READ MORE

The Fat In My Midface Area Has Dissolved Away Giving Me the Appearance of a Drug Addict, Will Fat Transfer Help? (photo)

Please help me out, Im 22 years old but look like a drug addict because of the appearance of my sunken mid face and sunken eyes (See Photo) , can... READ MORE

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