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I had a Fat Transfer to the malar region near my cheekbones. Is it normal to still have swelling 5 months post op?

Hello, my English is bad, i´m sorry.5 MOnths ago, i had fat grafting to the malar region near cheekbone.I regret it, because its doesn´t look good,... READ MORE

Reversing Fat Transfer Results?

Three days ago, I had Liposuction done on my hips and back area. Then, at the same time, I had a fat transfer (graft) into my cheeks and folds of my... READ MORE

Tear Trough Area Lump After Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer done in April 2008, and after two weeks, a visible lump formed on my right cheek and a larger bulge on my left side, but it's... READ MORE

How Long Will I Be Swollen from Fat Grafting?

I'm on day 6 after having a fat transfer to my cheeks and I'm not sure how swollen I am. I'm hoping that I'm still quite swollen,... READ MORE

When Can I See Buttocks Fat Transfer Results?

I recently had a fat transfer to buttocks. Am I supposed to see the result right away or does it take time for the butt to become full from the fat... READ MORE

Facial Fat Graft Feels Hard Post-procedure

I had an analogous fat transfer to the upper cheeks and orbital region. The fat feels hard like a rock underneath the skin. Is this normal? Should... READ MORE

Correct Bad Fat Transfer Results with Blepharoplasty?

I had a fat transfer under my eyes because they were so hollow. Around 6 months later, there was an uneven swelling that hardened into uneven lumps.... READ MORE

Puffy and Hyperpigmented Under Eye Area After Pearl Fat Grafting

I had hollowness in my lower eyes from a Blepharoplasty that was done 1 1/2 yr ago. I went to a few doctors in NYC who said putting fat back in the... READ MORE

Lumps After Upper and Lower Eyelid Fat Injections

I had fat injections to upper and lower eyelids (for hollow eyes) in the middle of December. A week afterward, I noticed lumps forming which have not... READ MORE

Facial Swelling and Bruising After Fat Transfer to Cheeks, When Will it go Down?

I'm 5 days post from a fat transfer to cheeks. I'm incredibly swollen. bruising is moderate but my face is so distorted like Im cat woman. Had... READ MORE

When to See the Difference After Fat Transfer to Butt?

How long does it take to see a difference after a Fat transfer to the butt? My butt looks the same--not bigger--after a fat transfer I had a week ago.... READ MORE

Had Problems with Fat Transfer?

I was originally interested in Blepharoplasty, but my surgeon said I didn't have excess skin, and what I really needed was more volume, so I opted for... READ MORE

Does Analogous Fat Transfer Lead to Sagging Facial Skin?

Once the injected fat dissipates, will the skin then sag? It stands to reason that delicate facial skin can remain stretched out after the injections... READ MORE

Two Weeks Post Op Fat Transfer to Face and Lips- When Will Swelling Go Down? (photo)

The Dr. (who I love & did great work before) also performed a neck and mid face lift. Please tell me my face & lips are still swollen! Would... READ MORE

Lumps and Infection After Fat Transfer to Breasts

I think I've been conned. Doctor and nurse assured me I could do smart lipo and transfer to breasts (transfer only costing an extra $500). Like an... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer and Cat Look?

I got facial fat grafting along with my rhinoplasty 11 days ago. I look like a cat and I am scared I will stay looking like this. I want my cheeks and... READ MORE

Options for Reducing Under Eye Puffiness from Pearl Fat Grafting?

I had Pearl Fat Grafting to correct hollowness after lower Blepharoplasty. However, the area became puffy after the fat grafting. It has been 3 months... READ MORE

Lumps on Nose from Fat Transfer

I had fat transfer on my nasal folds. The right side looks very good, but the left side has somewhat a lump. What should I do to make it lay down like... READ MORE

Can Massaging Reverse Fat Injection Effects on my Lips?

I had an Fat injection to my upper lips 12 days ago. The swelling has gone down but my lip looks so big and my face expression has completeley changed... READ MORE

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