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Want the Black Girl Ghetto Butt

Im sure i have plenty of fat 2 transfer my question is im wanting a very large increase  im 5.7in tall 185 im 32w 39 butt im wanting a very large... READ MORE

My Ribcage and Spine Are Visible. Will Fat Transfer Help Hide the Bones?

I am 5'7" and about 130 pounds. I recently gained about 15 pounds due to starting a new, sedentary job. I thought with the weight gain, my... READ MORE

No Results 9 Months After Brazilian Butt Lift. Why?

Got fat transfer from upper/lower abs and flanks to rear end in September 2011. I'm 5'5 and only weighed 101 lbs at the time (I weigh 102 right now so... READ MORE

Best Height & Weight Range for Successful Fat Grafting to Butt & Breasts?

Hi doctors! I have decided to get SmartLipo on my abs, flanks, upper & lower back. I'm getting fat grafted to my breasts & butt. I'm aware of... READ MORE

Sagging and Body Fat Distribution After 55lb Weight Loss, 38 Years Old, 5ยด7ft , 149lb? (photo)

I would like to increase the volume of breasts and reduce thighs, to balance my body, I am more concerned about cellulite and saggy rather than loss... READ MORE

How permanent is a fat transfer to breasts and buttocks?

I am considering fat transplant to my breast and or a Brazilian But lift. What is the latest research on how much fat actually 'takes' in each of... READ MORE

Can You Still Do Fat Grafting if You Are Skinny?

Hi, I just recently was told fat grafting would be a great idea for chin augmentation since I do not have that bad of a chin and since fillers have... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for fat transfer to my buttocks?

I am 5'4 and weight 112 pounds.I already have a nice buttock but i want it to be bigger. my measurement right now is a 35 and i want to get up to a 40... READ MORE

Will Lipo on my Abdomen and Flank Area Cause Fat Redistribution to my Other Hard to Tone Areas? Will It Be Drastic? (photo)

I am 24, 5'5" and, weigh 126 lbs. My workout routine is consistent and intense. I don't diet, but I do try to eat decently healthy. I have a problem... READ MORE

I Would Like Fat Transfer to my Face. I Am Thin (About 5'4 108). Would Gaining Weight Help?

Any idea how much I would need to gain? My BMI is around 18 I think. Can the fat be harvested and saved while I get back to my normal 108, then... READ MORE

Are butt implants my only solution? (Photo)

Hi, So I'm having a struggle! I want to have a butt and breast augmentation via fat transfer as I'm so nervous to have a general anesthesia, however... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Before Gastric Sleeve?

This one is for the Doc's however if someone has had the procedure done the same way that I am describing please feel free to get in on this question.... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a butt and hip fat transfer?

I am 5'5 and I weigh 120 pounds is it possible to do a fat transfer to my butt and my hips? READ MORE

Fat injections for underweight 13 year old?

I am 13 height 5'5 - 5'6 weight 92. as you can see I am tall and underweight can I get a fight injection in my legs and butt? maybe my arms. but... READ MORE

How much will it cost just for a hip fat transfer in NY, NJ, or CT?

I don't want a butt augmentation, just a hip augmentation. I'm 5'4 I went from 130 lbs to 154 lbs. Most of my fat is in the abdominal and waist area. READ MORE

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