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Prominent Brow Shaving on Women? (photo)

I'm an 18 year old girl and have what seems to be a prominent brow ridge. I know this is mostly common in men and so far I have only seen me and mom... READ MORE

Brow Ridge Reduction? (photo)

I was wondering if i am a candidate for a reduction on my brow bone. Recovery is a big issue, how long would i be down for after surgery? Also a price... READ MORE

After an Open Reduction Operation for a Zygomatic Arch Fracture I Can Not Raise One Eyebrow. Will Movement Come Back?

1wk. ago I had an operation for my left Zygomatic arch. Incision was made under my hairline above my left temple. I have since not been able to raise... READ MORE

FFS: Suggestions on Most Effective Combination of Procedures for Me to Undertake Asap? (photo)

Wanting further FFS performed in the next few months but unsure of what would be the best combination of procedires for me. I am happy to undertake... READ MORE

Male Brow Reduction Surgery Questions? (photo)

What would I need done to get this fixed? It makes me feel/look like a caveman and has making me self-conscious for a while now.. Also, is there a way... READ MORE

Skull Width Reduction, Both Muscle and Bone?

I have severe positional plagiocephaly. My skull appears to be really flat, and the right side of my skull is flatter than the left .This deformity my... READ MORE

Very Long Face, What Can I Do?

I am 19 year old female.I recently got a lower jaw surgery done along with chin reduction to correct my underbite and long face.My bite is fine now... READ MORE

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