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Orbital Bone Fracture?

I got a orbital bone fracture 4 years ago and have still been getting surgeries. I had notice after my one surgery that my eyeball dropped and was way... READ MORE

Still Have Pain 3 Months After I Had Facial Nerve Transpant to Regain Movement on the Right Side of my Face? (photo)

3 months ago I had a nerve transplant to regain movement on the right side of my face My concern is that the incisions though they look ok they still... READ MORE

Surgery at Orbital Bone and Upper Jaw Bone (photos)

Dear Sir, I was met with an accident Six year ago and a surgery have been conducted during that time on my face ( Right Side Below Right Eye &... READ MORE

If Scar Tissue is Impinging on my Auricular Nerve Causing Pain Etc. Can Anything Be Done About It? (photo)

I had my right temperomandibular joint replaced with an artificial one made of chrome cobalt nickel alloy . I was told that the 6 months following... READ MORE

Cause of pain in cheek?

My Zygoma was broken 10 years ago(the bone was set back in place with out titanium or screws) but i have always had problems with swelling in certain... READ MORE

Do I have facial hypertrophy?? (photos)

I have had this weird swelling on one side of my face for 4 years now. It's been a progressive swelling and will occasionally get worse. It also is... READ MORE

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