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Orbital Decompression Surgery? Do you think I should do the lateral wall removal or endorscopically the medial and lower walls?

I have proptosis on my left eye. 1.5mm more than my right. It is preventing it from closing during sleep and blinking, and all the symptoms associated... READ MORE

I live in the DFW area in Texas and I was wondering if it was possible to get orbital decompression surgery. (photo)

;due to buldging from hyperthyriodism. About 2 years ago i got my thyroid disease radioactivly removed with an iodine pill and i no longer have graves... READ MORE

Why would I have enopthalmos after orbital repair surgery when I didn't have it before the surgery? (Photo)

5 weeks ago, I had a trauma to the right eye, causing an orbital floor fracture, with complete double vision. After about two weeks the double vision... READ MORE

One eye bigger than the other? Orbital decompression?

Hi Im a young male and I realized that my right eye is bigger than my left. Im not interested in eyelid tightening or any of that sorta procedure as I... READ MORE

One eye is more bulgy than the other. Would it be possible to push back the eye or lower the level of the eyeball? (Photo)

It seems like my right eye is more bulgy than the left one. It feels like the eye sits further up in the eyesocket. this gives it a more bulgy look,... READ MORE

I have Trigeminal Nuralgia due to domestic violence. After failed treatments had brain surgery in 2012.Symptoms weren't better.

After further test said I needed decompression of infrorbital nerve. Now 7 months out, have 2 plates, and a skid to reinforce everything. Cheekbone... READ MORE

Not happy with cosmetic orbital decompression

I underwent a cosmetic orbital decompression after suffering from hyperthyroidism making my eyes more protruding and left the left eye (20mm) more... READ MORE

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