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Removal of Metal Plates from Face?

Assaulted 6 months ago. Saw awful surgeon outside of seattle to fix facial fractures including zygomatic break. Have mesh under eye due to full blow... READ MORE

Jaw Reconstruction

I had the lower right mandible removed and replaced with titanium back in 2007 due to a malignant tumor that originated in my parotid gland. What are... READ MORE

I Want to Bring my Dent on Right Side of Forehead Back to Normal How Do I Do That? (photo)

I met with an accident and went through an operation of my head as there was internal bleeding after the cure i have a dent on my right side of... READ MORE

Part of my Top Part Eyelid is Cut off in an Accident. What Can Be Done?

Part of my Top Part Eyelid is Cut off in an Accident. What Can Be Done?  READ MORE

Acoustic Neuroma Removal

I have not smiled since 1980 when i had an acoustic neuroma removal. My left eye doesnt blink or tear, my lips are crooked when I talk, I am hearing... READ MORE

Is There a Tear Trough/malar Combo Implant?

I've heard of submalar/malar combo implants, but I'm inquiring about a tear trough (suborbital) malar combination implant as a way to... READ MORE

Can a Facial Muscle, Left Risorius and Left Zygomaticus Major, Post Accident and Surgery Be Reattached? (photo)

I cannot lift the left side of my mouth. I had a severe accident in which plates were used to repair facial fractures. I can only smile on the right... READ MORE

I Had a FTSG Taken from my Arm for my Eyelid. Can I Do Anything About the Color Mismatch? (photo)

I was in a bad car accident when I was 17 (I'm 30 now) and needed a full eyelid skin graft. They took the skin from my ears. After healing it... READ MORE

Advice on Upcoming Reconstruction Surgery

I had a gun shot injury in march 2011 with a lot of pellets scattered around my face. The emergency treatment didn't take out the plastic cartridge... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Help my Sinking Eye?

In 2001 I was in a car accident. I suffered from a deep laceration to the right side of my face, but no fractures were noted. I have... READ MORE

Facial re-construction/rhinoplasty/ jaw reduction. Which procedures would benefit me the most? (Photo)

Hi I have an extremely round face, wide nose, strong chin and small smile. I would like an overall more slender face that is as aesthetically pleasing... READ MORE

Orbital blowout resulted in one eye higher than the other. I'd like to have it repaired if possible.

Orbital blowout resulted in one eye higher than the other after a silicone repair was done surgically. It is more noticeable as an older adult so I'd... READ MORE

Supraorbital bone implant for hollow eyes?

I am 26 and eyeball is sticking out which makes the eyelid show dramaticly. It looks like its hollowness but its result of a low brow bone ridge, not... READ MORE

What types of treatments would provide me with a more symmetrical face? (Photo)

I suffered facial trauma a few years ago, which resulted in facial paralysis that lasted for about a year. I still have facial weakness and synkenisis... READ MORE

Eyes with different sizes after accident. Do I need any surgery? (Photo)

I spent eight months with seven contact lenses in my upper eyelid, without knowing. Three doctors no one found out the problem.. They were removed... READ MORE

Is there hope for permanent facial nerve damage? (crooked smile) (Photo)

Three years ago, I had a surgery to remove my bichat fat bags, and I had a nerve damaged. I also developed synkinesis, everytime I blink my eye, the... READ MORE

My Face is Severely Asymmetrical After a Car Accident 11 Years Ago, Is there Anything that Can Fix this? (photo)

I had a car accident in 2001, and suffered nerve damage to the right side of my face. Now my face is severly asymmetrical. My right eye brow has... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Treat an Irregularity of the Shape of the Skull Which Was Caused by the Application of Chemicals?

One side of my head looks normal{nicely shaped with a smooth definitive shape} and my left side seems bigger at the top going to the back of my head.... READ MORE

Can Your Skull Be Shortened?

I have a really large skull and small forehead. i have been going gym lately to build my muscles so my head doesn't look rather large. so i... READ MORE

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