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Is It Possible to Reconstruct a Lip That Has Been Damaged from Lip Biting?

I used to have a lip biting habit on my upper lip right in the center, it wouldn't bleed or anything but over time I decided to stop the habit. I... READ MORE

Is Lip Reconstruction Possible for Me? I Was Bitten By A Dog As a Child. (photo)

I was bitten by a dog when I was 3 years old, im 19 now, id just like to know if from the looks of my lips if it can be reconstructed to look more... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Crooked Face?

When I take a photo head on it looks like the left side of my face is fully developed and the other isn't at all. The left side of my lips literally... READ MORE

I Was Bit by a Dog, He Took Part of Lip, Surgeon Stitch Nerves and I Have Electrical Feeling? (photo)

Can you tell me how long this will be...they had to stretch my good side of the lip over and attach what was left of the other side, its numb, itches,... READ MORE

Can dissolvable stitches cause a reaction - after they are dissolved? (photo)

A year ago, I fell on my face. An Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon stitched up both rows of my inner lip 4 hrs. after I fell. From Oct. to date, I've had... READ MORE

Am I ugly? Do I need a facial reconstruction? I hate everything about my face. Help. (Photo)

Im a premature baby and was born 3 months earlier. This was the reason why my facial feautures were not fully-developed. I hate everything about it... READ MORE

What to Expect After Radial Forearm Flap of Lower Lip? (photo)

2/3s of the Lower lip needs repair using A forearm free flap , i would like to know what i can expect postoperative . READ MORE

Lip size and shape: what treatment could make my lips look natural? (photo)

I had trauma on motorbike 7 years ago. I think the shape is not going to get better in future eventually. What treatment could give me the natural... READ MORE

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