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I think I have flat head syndrome. I know that babies can have this and it could be treated but I'm 18. Any suggestion? (photos)

If my skull is too hard to be molded like many babies that have this problem are there any surgeries that could fix this?? I know it's my skull and it... READ MORE

Which reconstructive surgery would be best for me? (Photo)

I have a very flat face in my opinion and I want certain features- like my nose and jaw line -to be more defined and brought out. Opinions? READ MORE

What Options Do I Have to Fix the Flatness of the Back of my Head(adult)? (photo)

I am a young man with a skull that is flat at the back. It has caused me a lot of grief as a younger teenager and to this day and I think it’s time... READ MORE

Is it possible to convert a round, flat face into a heart-shaped face + more contour?

I have a very round and flat face. Even if I'm not over weight. I'd like a heart-shaped face with plump cheeks and a pointed chin. Just more conture... READ MORE

Am I ugly? Do I need a facial reconstruction? I hate everything about my face. Help. (Photo)

Im a premature baby and was born 3 months earlier. This was the reason why my facial feautures were not fully-developed. I hate everything about it... READ MORE

Very Long Face, What Can I Do?

I am 19 year old female.I recently got a lower jaw surgery done along with chin reduction to correct my underbite and long face.My bite is fine now... READ MORE

Does Hydroxyapatite (Hydroset® or Osteo2000©) Show Up As You Age?

Hello, I have a very flat face and would like somthing permanent and was curious about hydroxyapatite (Hydroset® or Osteo2000©). This material... READ MORE

I have a small and very flat head. What can do to change this? (photos)

I want too add too my skull and make it a little big with a nice shape. READ MORE

About flat head problems (for adult). What is the cost of this kind of surgery abroad?

I have asymmetry face due to flat head syndrome.I want some staff in to my face to fix it then also fix my flat head(back).I already took surgery for... READ MORE

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