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Brow Ridge Reduction? (photo)

I was wondering if i am a candidate for a reduction on my brow bone. Recovery is a big issue, how long would i be down for after surgery? Also a price... READ MORE

Is there any reconstructive surgery for facial nerve palsy? If so can this be done years after my accident?

Is there any options or foundations to help with the costs ? If someone could help point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. I've been... READ MORE

Forehead and Back of the Head Augmentation?

Hey, I have a sloped forehead and the back of my head is straight which makes my head look weird. It's not really major or anything, but it still... READ MORE

How much would it cost to have a plate removed from my orbital floor? (photo)

I had surgery after I fractured my orbital floor. They put a plate in my face, however the plate is now sticking out. I don't have insurance and I'm... READ MORE

I Have a Protruding Occipital Bone Thats Annoying How Much Would It Cost to Get It Reduced?

The thing is it gets in the way when getting haircuts and I'm always rubbing on it when shampooing. It just seems out of place to me and don't want it... READ MORE

Press Opp: Lauren Scruggs Recovery: Typical Results?

Lauren Scruggs' gave her first interview since she ran into the airplane propeller. How do these results rank among reconstructive surgery? And what... READ MORE

Why is it so hard for victims of DV to get facial reconstruction in NYC?

Please don't mention the face to face program ( scam ) and the doctors who work with them do standard basic procedures they won't do a procedure as if... READ MORE

Narrowing the width of one's head?

How much would It cost no narrow the width of ones head? And what is done in the procedure? READ MORE

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