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One Month Since my Nose and Cheek Surgery - Why is my Face Still Numb?

I was shot in the face and had to have surgery to repair the fragments in my cheek and nose. The surgery was almost a month ago but the left side of... READ MORE

Which Surgery Would Remove This Hole from my Cheek?

I've had the hole on my cheek since then (for about 4 years). It is 2mm in diameter and approximately 2-3mm in depth from the skin surface. Which... READ MORE

Paranasal Implants to Help with Bone Loss?

I am interested in getting an implant that goes in between my nose and mouth to rebuild this concaved area due to bone loss. Will putting an implant... READ MORE

Jaw, Chin and Cheek Implants with Maxillofacial Surgery? (21 Years Old Man)

Maxillo facial surgeon told me the right side of my jaw grew bigger than the left side, causing a distortion. My upper/lower teeth fit together when I... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Cheek After Reconstructive Surgery?

I recently (2months) had reconstructive surgery on my cheek after a car accident. The repaired cheek is much more depressed than the other. I know I'm... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate Reconstructive Surgery for Deep Hollowness in the Cheeks?

I am a 22 year old female and when I was a month old a steroid cream was applied to my cheeks to treat a skin infection. After a couple of years, when... READ MORE

Advice on Upcoming Reconstruction Surgery

I had a gun shot injury in march 2011 with a lot of pellets scattered around my face. The emergency treatment didn't take out the plastic cartridge... READ MORE

Thinner More Defined Face - What Do I Need? (photo)

Hello, I'm 18, and in my family chubby faces are hereditary, same with eye bags and low brows. I hope that by the pictures you'll know what I mean. I... READ MORE

Face Reconstruction with Fat Graft (Longevity)?

I am looking into reconstructing my cheeks (my soft tissue was lost after a trauma a few years ago). I have a question about longivity. Once the fat... READ MORE

I dream of being fair, but I don't look great, I would like to reconstruct my entire face.

I have a big, bulgy and ugly nose, I have to get this corrected. I have small pores entire my face. I have to straighten my forehead. much amount of... READ MORE

My Son Was at His Fathers This Past Weekend and Came Home with a Swollen Cheek/upper Lip?

Was wondering if i need to take him in to see if he has a fracture. Was told he got hit in the face with either a soccer ball or a bat. Its been 24... READ MORE

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