Facial Plastic Surgery Videos

Facial Rejuvenation Is More Than Fat Removal

Rejuvenating a face nowadays means so much more than fat removal and a tug at the skin. Dr. Elliot Jacobs describes what is involved in facelifts today and how the procedure has changed to produce far more natural results than in previous years. VIEW NOW

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Septoplasty Surgery Straightens a Bent Septum, Clearing the Airway

A septoplasty--surgery on the septum--deals with the mechanics of the nose and nothing cosmetic. Dr. Verne Weisberg explains how it's done and why someone might choose this operation. VIEW NOW

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Facelift Scars: Dr. Elizabeth Morgan Reveals Her Scars

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan shows how facelift scars look after surgery, using herself as the model. She explains where incisions will be and how the scar will continue to improve over time. VIEW NOW

How Tight Will a Facelift Feel and What Is Normal?

Dr. Barbara Persons answers the tough question of how tight a facelift might feel in post-op. She notes a few actions that might be a bit difficult in the first few days. VIEW NOW

Recovery From a Facelift Takes Time: "It's Not Like a Lunchtime Lift"

Dr. Barbara Persons wants patients to know that the recovery process following any face surgery is going to be around 2 weeks. She stresses that listening to your own body is key. VIEW NOW

After a Facelift, Will I still Look Like Me?

Dr. Barbara Persons uses her own experience with facial reconstructive surgery to address the question of whether a patient will still feel like themselves after a facelift. VIEW NOW

A Facelift Tightens the Ligaments, Not the Skin

When we think of a facelift, we think of pulling the skin back to smooth out the wrinkles. Actually, Dr. Bryan Mendelson explains that a modern facelift addresses the lax ligaments, tightening the support system underneath to tone the skin. VIEW NOW

What Influences How a Person Ages?

Dr. Bryan Mendelson addresses the concerns surrounding causes of a person's facial aging, noting that the facial structure can indicate how the aging process will affect each individual. VIEW NOW

Neck Lift vs Lower Face Lift: Are They Really The Same Thing?

For those questions regarding the differences between a neck lift and a lower facelift, we turn to Dr. Michele Shermak. VIEW NOW

A Facelift Is the "Highest [Plastic Surgery] Art Form"

Dr. Richard Rand explains how a facelift procedure is performed in order to maintain the most natural looking result. VIEW NOW

When Are Facial Fillers More Beneficial Than Surgery?

Injectible fillers are a great option for a younger patient who wants to volume under the eyes and plump sunken cheeks, but older patients might want to consider a more invasive procedure, such as a facelift. VIEW NOW

Facelift Consultations Should Be Educational for Patient and Surgeon, alike

When a patient is considering a facelift procedure, Dr. Dennis Bucko maintains that the consultation process should be as much of a learning experience for the patient as for the surgeon. VIEW NOW

A Patient's Facelift Recovery Is Defined By Specific Procedures

Dr. Dennis Bucko explains that there is no easy answer to the question of how long the recovery takes for a facelift because it really depends on which procedure has been performed. VIEW NOW

How Old Should I Be For a Facelift?

Dr. Michael Olding addresses three major concerns when it comes to facelifts: Am I too young or old for this procedure? What can I do to minimize risk both pre- and post-op? And can I just get a neck lift done? VIEW NOW

Avoid Your Facelift Looking "Too Tight"

One major concern surrounding facelifts, which is certainly not as widespread as it once was, is how to avoid being "pulled too tight." VIEW NOW