Facial Plastic Surgery Videos

What Happens to a Man's Beard After a Facelift?

We just had to ask: When a man with a bear gets a facelift, does it mess up his facial hair growth? Dr. Ross Clevens weighs in. VIEW NOW

Can a Facelift Smooth Away Facial Wrinkles?

Dr. Mark Hamilton offers choices that best address the type of facial wrinkles you'd like to tackle. VIEW NOW

Think You Need a Facelift? A Mini Lift Might be a Better Fit

Dr. Mark Hamilton explains facelifts and mini lifts and the differences between the two procedures. VIEW NOW

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Drains After a Facelift: There is an Alternative

Does the idea of a drain after your facelift discourage you? In this video, Dr. Mark Hamilton explains how with select patients, he uses another method in which drains are not needed. VIEW NOW

There is an Art to Utilizing a Facelift and Fillers Together

When asked about invasive versus non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Sheldon Kabaker notes that it's rarely one or the other and that using the two together produces an ideal result, if done correctly. VIEW NOW

Facial Feminization Surgery Isn't Just For the Transgender Community

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel discusses what surgery can do to achieve a more feminine face. VIEW NOW


Facial Rejuvenation: Knowing What You Want is Key

Dr. Steven Pearlman addresses patients' concerns over not knowing what they really want or need. When in doubt, start small. VIEW NOW

Video Imaging Can Help Patient and Surgeon Stay on the Same Page

Dr. Mark Hamilton demonstrates how useful video imaging can be during the consultation so the patient and surgeon understand the desired result of the surgery. VIEW NOW

There Is No "Facelift in a Syringe" Option Yet But Fillers Come Close

Dr. Stephen Weber explains how fillers are the only thing available before a facelift procedure, but they can work wonders. VIEW NOW

What It Means to be an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon

There are many different specialties of plastic surgeons, so Dr. Marc Cohen explains what it means to be an oculofacial plastic surgeon and how you can find the best surgeon for the procedure you are thinking about. VIEW NOW

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For a Facelift, Your Age Doesn't Matter As Much As the Appearance of Your Skin

Everyone talks about the "right age for a facelift," but Dr. Jennifer Levine explains that your chronological age really isn't what really matters. VIEW NOW

The Line Between Getting a Neck and Facelift is Often Blurred

When opting for a facelift, Dr. Jennifer Levine says that most surgeons will also address the muscles of the neck and sometimes even the cheek for the best possible outcome. VIEW NOW

Your Neck and Jaw Are Aging You! When To Consider an Invasive Procedure

Dr. Jennifer Levine advises us on when we should start thinking about an invasive procedure to address that sagging, wrinkling skin of the neck and sagging jowls. VIEW NOW

Deepened Facial Folds After a Facelift: Why is My Appearance Worse?

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how swelling after a facelift can make nasolabial and mesolabial folds appear temporarily deeper than the actual final result. Volume can be added to these areas after swelling subsides. VIEW NOW

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Can I Wear Makeup After a Facelift?

How long does a facelift patient to wait before they can safely wear makeup? Dr. Paul Nassif explains. VIEW NOW