Facial Plastic Surgery Videos

Endotine Lift Corrected with a Facelift

Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh answers a question of what to do about an endotine lift, commonly known as a thread lift. He notes that a facelift is a tool for correcting a previous thread lift procedure, describing what is involved in such a correction. VIEW NOW

How Does My Face Age?

Dr. Michael Epstein explains how there are three factors that affect the way our faces age. VIEW NOW

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Male and Female Facial Rejuvenation Differences

Dr. Michael Law explains the differences between male and female facial rejuvenation surgery. In both cases you're trying to make the face look younger but the way you go about it varies greatly between the sexes. VIEW NOW

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After the After: Botched Season 1, Episode 1: After Show With Dr. Paul Nassif

This is the only Botched after show with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif! In the premiere episode, RealSelf sits down with Dr. Nassif to talk behind-the-scenes scoop. VIEW NOW


After the After Show Teaser with Dr. Paul Nassif of Botched

RealSelf presents the only Botched exclusive after-show with star Dr. Paul Nassif. Coming weekly. VIEW NOW

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Will A Facelift Look Pulled and Unnatural?

Dr. Scott Thompson addresses a common concern patients have prior to getting a facelift, which is that they will look pulled and unnatural as opposed to more youthful and fresh. VIEW NOW

Healing After a Facelift: Before and After Photos

Dr. Stephen Prendiville gives an overview and provides a phot journal of a 60 year old woman's experience after a Facelift VIEW NOW

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Am I Too Young For a Facelift?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses why facelifts are rarely advised for people in their early 40s and how facial aging at this time is normally about loss of volume. VIEW NOW

A Forehead Lift Can Lighten the Brow and Eyelids

Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi explains the benefits of a forehead lift as well as what patients can expect from the procedure. VIEW NOW

Laser Lift For Facelift Results With Minimal Incisions and Downtime

Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi explains how a laser lift can give a patient the same results as a facelift with fewer incisions and a substantially shortened downtime period. VIEW NOW

Facial Procedures and Treatments To Reverse Aging

Dr. Michele Shermak explains several options available to achieve facial rejuvenation, including injectable fillers for mild adjustments or more invasive procedures, which produce more drastic results. VIEW NOW

Facial Rejuventation: When Is it Time To Consider Surgery?

Dr. Allen Rosen explains how surgeons may combine procedures or treatments when treating anything from light wrinkles to heavy sagging. VIEW NOW

Facial Asymmetry Causes and Solutions

Dr. Anthony Youn addresses facial asymmetry, including how to make it more symmetric with the help of injectable fillers. VIEW NOW

Mini Lift or Full Facelift: Your Goals Determine the Extent of the Procedure

Dr. Arthur Handal explains how and why your surgeon might suggest less or more than the procedure you originally planned for. VIEW NOW

Will a Facelift Change My Overall Appearance?

Dr. Brent Moelleken understands that the number one worry of all potential facelift patients is that they will not look like themselves after the procedure. He explains how facelifts of today differ from facelifts of decades past. VIEW NOW