Facial Plastic Surgery Videos

Facelift Risks and Concerns

Dr. Paul Nassif explains some of the main risks associated with facelifts, including infections and dimpling. VIEW NOW

Facelift Results Depend on Both Genetics and Lifestyle

Dr. Paul Nassif describes a few factors that play into how you will heal after a facelift and what the final result will be. VIEW NOW

Facial Surgery Post-Op Expectations: Recovery Time and Minor DIscomforts

Dr. Paul Nassif describes what it's like to recovery from different facial surgeries, be it a full facelift or an eyelid lift. He notes varying recovery times as well as common discomforts some patients have reported. VIEW NOW

Power Over Pain: Discomfort During Recovery Is Manageable

Dr. Adam Bryce Weinfeld explains that while patients always want to know what the pain will be lift after surgery, he insists that it is never as bad as they expected. VIEW NOW

Mini and Full Facelifts Differ in Incision Length

Dr. Robert Jensen describes the differences between a mini and full facelift procedure and continues on about the longevity of each procedures' results. VIEW NOW

Facelift Results: Avoid the Windblown Look

If you are going with a surgical facelift, there are things your surgeon can do to avoid producing a windblown or "stretched too tight" look. VIEW NOW

Facelift Scars Are Chosen To Suit Each Patient Individually

The adjustment of the deep and surface layers of skin on the face during a facelift means there will be scarring, but surgeons make every effort to conceal these telltale signs of surgery. VIEW NOW

Swelling After Face or Eyelid Surgery: How Long Until I'm Fully Healed?

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains how the recovery process works following a face or eyelid procedure, touching on the expectations patients should have toward post-op swelling. VIEW NOW

Fat Reduction Options for the Face and Neck

Dr. Paul S. Nassif explains what can be done to address excess fat and/or skin on the face, whether it involves light liposuction or skin removal or tightening. VIEW NOW

Facelift Praparations For a Problem-Free Procedure

Dr. Paul Nassif outlines several steps patients can take to ensure that their facelift procedure goes as smoothly as possible, from diet to skin care. VIEW NOW

Face and Neck Lifts Can Restore Years To an Aging Face

Dr. William Portuese describes what is involved in comprehensive face and neck lift procedure, noting the profound effect it can have on their appearance. VIEW NOW

Facelift Patient Displays Incisions 1 Week Post-Op

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein invites a patient to display her healing facelift incisions just one week post-op, providing insight into the length and location one can expect for their own procedure. VIEW NOW

Cool Lift Provides Facelift Results Using Lasers

Dr. William Boss explains how he developed the Cool Lift technique for patients who desired a more out-patient surgical experience but still wanted their facial skin tightened. VIEW NOW

Travel Restrictions Post-Op Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Michael Epstein answers a question directed to him from a RealSelf user regarding the amount of time a patient should wait after an extensive facial rejuvenation surgery before they attempt to travel. VIEW NOW

Numbness Following a Facelift Is Normal

Dr. Michael Epstein answers a question directed to him from a RealSelf user regarding a numb sensation in their face following a facelift. Is this normal and how long will this last? VIEW NOW