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Weak Chin + Facial Plastic Surgery

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Long Mid Face, Long Face. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi all, I was so happy to see online that long face can be treated. I would like to ask your opinion how to fix my face. I have a long mid face... READ MORE

I Have a Gummy Smile, Long Face, Weak Chin, Overbite, and Asymmetrical Smile. What Are My Low Cost Options? (photo)

I know I need jaw surgery, but that is out the question due to cost. Believe it or not, I have actually grown to love my gums, but the chin and long... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Face Wider and More Masculine?

I've noticed that my face is very narrow and being a male, it isn't very benificial. I was wondering if any procedures could fix this by... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have for an Overbite, Weak Chin, and a Bulbous Nose with Dorsal Hump?

I obviously have a very odd face and consider myself extremely unlucky. My nose is crooked, bulbous, has a dorsal hump, and a droopy hooked tip. In... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve my Buccal Area and Smile?

I really dislike my mouth/ buccal area/ smile. I had orthodontic treatment as a teenager but still I believe my teeth and gums are protruding and that... READ MORE

Hanging Lips, Weak Chin, What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Hello, i dont like the area between nose and lips,also I don't like the way my mouth looks from the front or the side i think it looks to big could... READ MORE

Do I Need a Chin Implant and a Nose Job? or Would a Chin Implant Make my Nose Look Smaller? (photo)

Im 17 and have been looking at surgery to have to improve my appearance of my side profile. when a dentist told me a few years back i had a weak chin... READ MORE

How Can Surgery Improve my Facial Aesthetics? (photo)

Hi I'm currently only researching these procedures. It is impossible to build up any confidence when you are not in concord with your looks. I have... READ MORE

How would you describe my overall facial features in the pictures I have given? Is there any lack of definition? (Photos)

What would you recommend I get done to enhance and define my face. I had braces for an overbite when I was 10 until about 14. I dislike my profile as... READ MORE

What realistic options would you personally recommend me to improve my appearance the best way possible? (photo)

I'm really VERY unhappy with my looks. What bothers me the most is my receding chin, my protruding ears and huge earlobes, my "underdeveloped" jaw... READ MORE

How can I fix my weak chin/jawline? (photo)

What course of action should I take to fix my weak chin/jawline? I have researched Chin implants, Mandible implants etc...Just not sure what would be... READ MORE

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