Swollen + Facial Plastic Surgery

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One side of my face is clearly larger than the other. How can I make my face more symmetrical? (photos)

As you can see in the pictures one side of my face is clearly larger than the other. My left cheek looks swollen and my jaw is not alligned. My left... READ MORE

Swelling Didn't Get Down After One Year and One Month, Zygomatic Arch Reduction. Round Moon Face, What Are my Options? (photo)

Dear doctors, i had a zygoma arch reduction a year ago. I was very swollen after the surgery and it didn't change much over time. i took diueretics... READ MORE

The area between my nose and upper lip, is quite swollen. I think it's due to my maxilla protrusion. What can be done? (Photo)

I thing my upper jaw is protruding and because of that I'm getting a gummy smile, monkey like appearance etc. is my jaw under developed or over... READ MORE

How Long Will Swelling Last from Maxillofacial Surgery (Upper & Lower Jaw)?

I had maxillofacial surgery for a severe underbite, and had my upper jaw moved forward (3-4mm) and lower jaw backward (3-4mm). Surgery was three weeks... READ MORE

I Have Two Swollen Masseter Muscles on Both Sides of my Face, What Can I Do?

So today I had a scan and was told that my masseter muscles are swollen (doctor thought it was my glands). They've been swollen since late December... READ MORE

Why Am I Still Swollen and my Face Keeps Changing on Me?

I had my eyes done, nose, chin and lipo on my cheeks. It has been 5 months already and i am still swollen and my face keeps changing. Is this normal?... READ MORE

The Whole Right Side of my Face is Getting Lazier. It Looks Nothing Like the Left Will It Get Worse? (photo)

The whole right side of my face is getting lazier everyday! my eye, teeth... my lip is swollen. also i have a red birth mark on and above my lip. i... READ MORE

My Face is Uneven, Where Do I Begin?

All my life I have been put through MRI and the hands of many doctors at stanford university. my right side of my face is swollen and seems to have... READ MORE

My jawline left side is swollen right side is so small it's really noticeable. What kind of surgery can I do? (Photo)

Please help what kind of surgery i can do or is there any way I can fix without surgery I have my braces for 1 year now please enlighten me I have... READ MORE

What can be done about my asymmetrical cheeks? (Photo)

One of my cheeks looks like it's almost swollen, but it's always like this. I asked my dentist and he said it wasn't a dental issue. READ MORE

I'm seeking a physician (plastic/facial plastic, oral surgeon) who knows or has some experience. Any recommendation? (photo)

9 years ago, not knowing, I had filler done on my laugh-lines called: "Medical Polyacrylamid, hydrogel permanent filler". 6 yrs later, 1 side got a... READ MORE

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