Shorten + Facial Plastic Surgery

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Can I Make my Long Face Appear Shorter by Shortening my Nose and Chin or Possibly a Fat Graft?

I have a long face but i was wondering if there are things i can do to either make my face look more oval or square with good overall balance. My... READ MORE

Can I Get Something to Get my Philtrum Shortened? (photo)

I really dislike how long my philtrum is . . . it makes my profile look ugly . Can i get something to get it shortened ? READ MORE

Is There Any Surgery to Make a Long Face Appear Shorter?

Is There Any Surgery to Make a Long Face Appear Shorter? READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Shorten the Length of Your Mid-face ?

By mid-face I mean the space between your eyes and mouth. Mine is too long and I would love to know if I could have this shortened. Thank you. READ MORE

If You Have Vertical Maxillary Excess AND a Long Upper Lip Can Both Be Fixed?

Would I be able to find one doctor that can fix both problems? I have a long face in general and I want to shorten both the upper lip and the upper... READ MORE

Reducing Length of Long Face, Is this Possible?

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if an individual has a long mid-third of the face (distance between eyes and lips), can the nose be shortened... READ MORE

How to shorten my face? I want a small baby face. (photos)

Always had a long-ish face. rhinoplasty gave me a shorter nose and lengthened philtrum, just generally made my face look longer/older. i'm getting a... READ MORE

What can I do to shorten my face? (photos)

My forehead is too big and my lower face is too long. I hate the distance between my nose and my lips, the distance between my lips and my chin, and... READ MORE

I have a long face and interested in jawline reduction or face widening. What procedure would you recommend?

I have a long face. It isn't because of my chin. It's more in my midface area. I'm wondering if there's any surgery to widen my face or jawline... READ MORE

How can I shorten long face? (photo)

I would like to ask your opinion how to fix my face. I was thinking of getting some fillers done to shorten my face but I am not sure what fillers I... READ MORE

How to Shorten my a Long Face? (photo)

I feel like my face is extremely long and I don't know how to go about fixing it. I already got rhinoplasty about 6 months ago and asked my surgeon... READ MORE

More Masculine Face? (photo)

I want a more masculine and shorter face, and I think my high forehead is the major part, Is there a technique to reduce and get a shorter forehead... READ MORE

How to Shorten my Face? (photo)

Why does my chin look the way it does in that below my mouth there is like an indented border, I have not seen this on anyone else and I would like to... READ MORE

Would Submental Shortening of the Inferior Mentalis Muscle Lower a Chin Pad?

Provide issues are soley soft tissue (previous horizontal reduction).. would submental shortening of the inferior mentalis muscle help efface a rather... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure That Can Shorten my Face Without Reducing my Chin?

My face is very long and I was wondering if there is some type of bone altering surgery that could shorten my face without reducing my already small... READ MORE

Can a long face be shortened with plastic surgery?

I have a long face like Sarah Jessica Parker. Is there a kind of surgery which could make my face shape shorter? If so how much approximately would it... READ MORE

What procedure should I get to shorten my long face? (Photo)

I don't think I want to get fillers because I feel it'll just make my head look huge. Could a nose job or having my philtrum and/or chin shortened do... READ MORE

What would you recommend to shorten and expand long, narrow face?

I want to go through the process of shortening and extension of each face first trimester second third and the third trimester, I'd love to hear... READ MORE

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