Reduction + Facial Plastic Surgery

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How Much Does Forehead Reduction Surgery Cost?

I have a large and high forehead and am very self conscious about it.My forehead also sticks out a little much as well. How much does it cost and what... READ MORE

Possible to Reduce the Size of an Adam's Apple?

Thyroid cartilage reduction? I am a male with a large adam's apple (see picture). I would like it reduced in size, while necessarily maintaining... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Reduce the Size of my Eyes?

I have large eyes and they protrude quite a lot They make me extremely unhappy because I love my face shape and my other features however my eyes... READ MORE

Forehead Brow Bone Reduction Surgery and Cost? (photo)

36 male and I am not satisfied with my shape of forehead for many years,can anyone helps me to find out what are the procedures and the cost of surgery? READ MORE

Forehead Reduction (African American Male)

I have a very high forehead that makes my head look long and was wondering if there is a procedure out there that can reduce it. I heard about... READ MORE

Maxilla Reduction. Realistic? Costs? I Have a Long Face.

I'm a 19 year old woman, and I've been very uncomfortable with the length of my face for many years. I've given it a lot of thought, and decided that... READ MORE

Jaw Line Reduction?

I think the lower portion of my face is too wide. Is there a procedure that can narrow the jawline area. I would prefer to have a more oval shaped face. READ MORE

Forehead Reduction + Cystic Acne Scar Treatment

I am a 21 years old female with a high, square forehead and moderate scarring from past cystic acne. I want smoother skin and a lower, more rounded... READ MORE

Glabella/Radix Reduction

Is it possible to have the Glabella/Radix (area directly between my eyes) reduced? It seems this is a unusual area for reduction. It feels as though I... READ MORE

I Am a Female but Feel Like I Need Feminization Surgery. Specifically Brow Bossing and Jaw Reduction? (photo)

I have a significant brow bossing and my eyebrows look very low, people ALWAYS think I'm mad I get input at least once a day. So I usually have my... READ MORE

Can Your Face Width Be Reduced?

My face width is a centimeter higher the ideal face width. By "ideal" I mean golden ratio ideal. My face would fit the mask if only it were not wider.... READ MORE

Jawline Reduction w/o Altering Jaw Muscle

Is it possible to file down the jaw bone and leave the jaw muscle alone? READ MORE

Radiofrequency for Reducing Jaw Muscle

I was told that by using Radiofrequency (RF), it can reduce the muscles around the jaw for a more slimmer look. It's similar to using botox in the... READ MORE

Swelling Didn't Get Down After One Year and One Month, Zygomatic Arch Reduction. Round Moon Face, What Are my Options? (photo)

Dear doctors, i had a zygoma arch reduction a year ago. I was very swollen after the surgery and it didn't change much over time. i took diueretics... READ MORE

Is it possible to get brow bone reduction surgery? (photos)

I feel something is very off putting and unnatural about my face and I have narrowed it down to my slopping forehead, specifically my protruding brow... READ MORE

I am a 19 y/o male. I have a naturally high hairline. Would I be a good candidate for forehead reduction? (Photo)

I had a few concerns First of all, am i a good candidate? If not, is there anything else that i could do to minimize forehead besides bangs. Would... READ MORE

Brow Bone Shaving/reduction Question

I have a (bit) of prominent eyebrow ridge which I might want to get rit of ( the too much part of it). I know the CT scan story. I also might consider... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Jaw Reduction Surgery?

For any bone-related plastic surgeries, like Upper Jaw surgery and Jaw reduction surgery...what are the immediate / lifetime side effects? I've... READ MORE

How Much Should It Cost for Brow Bone Redution in India?

I have a bump on my forehead which looks extremely awful would be glad if i am able to get it straight at a rite price. READ MORE

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