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Is is Possible to Permanently Get Rid of the Deep Vertical Lines Between the Eybrows?

Quite a while ago I saw a tv program where a Dr. in Canada severed the muscle between the eybrows. Is that an option? READ MORE

Can Fillers Get Rid of Permanent Indentation from Dimpleplasty? (photo)

I had dimpleplasty over 2 months ago now. I was told the permanence of the dimples would be gone within the month and it hasn't happened. The... READ MORE

Is Kryptonite Bone Cement Permanent?

Hi, I'm looking into getting something done to correct a skull defect and came across "Kryptonite Bone Cement". Everthing seems great... READ MORE

I Hate my Narrowface, &want Widen Cheek& Brows Area As MUCH As Poss! &longlasting As Poss!

How can I drastically widen my cheek to brow area, to change my face from unattractively narrow to fully heart-shaped? I want to go for it all the... READ MORE

Post Paranasal Implants with Rib Cartilage: Will my Smile Return to Normal?

Several weeks ago, I had rib cartilage paranasal implants to balance out midface depression and protruding lips. My smile is now very different. Is... READ MORE

Permanent Procedure for Cheek, Jawline and Lower Lip Filling?

Was involved in car accident and lost depth in cheek and jawline leftside only.. I have had 5 operations with fat transfer but within 2 months it... READ MORE

Is This Change Realistic? (photo)

Hello. I'm looking to get surgery in the hope of looking as good as I possibly can. I'm wondering if these changes which I illustrate in my before... READ MORE

What Surgical Procedure Can I Have to Give Me a Neutral Facial Expression?

Hi I am 18 years old and I live in the UK. I have a problem that because the way my mouth hangs it makes my facial expression look really angry/sad.I... READ MORE

I've been using the "Face thin" product but its only temporary, any alternatives?

I been using the "Face thin" product and I noticed a big difference but then fat came back! Is there an alternative to surgery because I tried... READ MORE

Is There a Surgical Treatment for Masseter Hypertrophy?

I have TMJ caused by masseter hypertrophy and for the past several years have been treated using botox, and more recently, dysport. These treatments... READ MORE

Glabellar Implant For Young Looking 37 Y/O Male?

I'm a very young-looking 37 year-old guy. The only thing that detracts from my youthful appearance is this horrible single glabellar line that makes... READ MORE

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