Nose + Facial Plastic Surgery

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How to Remove Dents on Nose Bridge from Wearing Glasses?

I've been using spectacles for the last 10 years. I wanted to remove them. So I underwent Laser eye treatment to clear my sight. Due to the use of... READ MORE

When I Wake Up my Nose is a Lot Bigger Than Usual - How Can I Fix This?

It takes nearly the whole day to go back to normal. But on some days it doesn't even get smaller. I am wondering if i am allergic to something and... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face

I have ayssmetrical eyes but the one thing that bothers me the most about it is my eyelids. My right eyelid crease is higher than my left. I am aware... READ MORE

Options to Improve Facial Structure?

Is this the best a plastic surgeon can do for a Rhinoplasty? These are some photos from before and after for a rhinoplasty. Although I do not like the... READ MORE

Can I Make my Long Face Appear Shorter by Shortening my Nose and Chin or Possibly a Fat Graft?

I have a long face but i was wondering if there are things i can do to either make my face look more oval or square with good overall balance. My... READ MORE

Can Divot on Nose Be Fixed?

I have a divot on my nose from a biopsy, can it be fixed? I have a trichoepithelioma that my dermotologist biopsied. It was connected to an enlarged... READ MORE

Why my Face is Deformed? my Left Side of my Face is Not the Same Look As the Right Side of my Face. (photo)

Hello. My name is Patricio i'm 17 years old and i need your help! I feel deformed,i got to the point of hurting myself i'm not doing it for enjoyment... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Figure out the "Perfect" Nose and Lip Size for my Face?

I don't like my nose and lips, i want surgery but i don't know what shape to get or how far i should plump them, do i have to find out what... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Model?

Is it possible to look like another person id like to resemble the model ruslana korshunova..but I dont think any doctor in the world could alter... READ MORE

Options for a Weak Jawline and Asymmetrical Nose?

I have always known about my weak jawline and I always wondered if there was a way to fix it. My lower jaw slants in at a steep angle right below my... READ MORE

Too Much Space Between Nose and Upper Lip. What Can I Do?

I am 48 years old and am noticing my right eye appears smaller and there is too much space between my upper lip and my nose too short? What can I do... READ MORE

I Would Like a Girlier More Delicate Look to my Face? What Can Be Done for Me?

I have my father's nose, so I am seriously considering rhinoplasty. I think my nose is far too large and masculine for me. What can be done to... READ MORE

Procedures for Correcting Facial Balance?

Well, I know that I have a minor dorsal hump, but all my friends and family say it doesn't really affect the balance of my face from the font... READ MORE

How Can I Improve my Facial Aesthetics?

My major facial flaws are: 1. Eyes too close apart. 2. Large Forehead. 3. Large (wide) nose. What specific procedures could help to improve my facial... READ MORE

I Want to Look More Feminine With a Smaller Face

I hate my nose and face size. I just wanted to know if there is a surgical procedure that can give me a smaller face. I'm 24 & I already have... READ MORE

What Treatments Are Available for my Facial Asymmetry?

My lips, nose, eyes, ears and facial bones are asymmetrical. I inherited it from my mother and I'm really sick of it. Now that she's going... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate for Two Jaw Surgery?

Hi my Name is Key. I Have Quite a Long Face,flat ,wide and Upper Jaw Protruding I Guess   I have long wide and flat ( Especially my middle and... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery Made Me Look Like Miss Piggy

I Had Jaw Surgery and and As a Result Now Look Like a Descendent of Miss Piggy. Is This Easily Corrected? Please give me your thoughts. READ MORE

My nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side. What is Wrong with my Face? (photo)

I would really like to know whats wrong with my face. To start, my nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side if I open it... READ MORE

Age 19, Jaw/lips, Nose, Nasolabial Folds Make Me Look Older - What Can Be Done?

I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly that can be done for my face. I think I have both a crooked jaw, a crooked nose/deviated septum,... READ MORE

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