Fracture + Facial Plastic Surgery

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Orbital Fracture - Will It Fill in on Its Own?

From the report: Left orbital floor blowout fracture with minimal displacement identified. Minimal intraorbital fat extends into fracture defect. No... READ MORE

Can I Fly Safely with an Orbital Blow Out?

Left Orbital Floor Blowout Fracture w/ Minimal Displacement identified. Minimal Intraorbital Fat Extends Into Fracture defect. No Extra Muscle... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take For An Orbital Fracture to Heal?

About 3 months ago I got into a car accident , and fractured a couple things and they all have seemed to heal except my orbital fracture on my left... READ MORE

How Long Before All Facial Swelling Disappears After Surgical Repair of a Blowout Fracture of the Eye Socket/cheek Bone?

I am currently 3 months post surgery and still have quite a bit of facial swelling. Trauma involved fractures to side of eye socket, floor of eye... READ MORE

Fractured Eye Socket?

About 12 days ago i was running and i tripped over a retaining wall and landed mostly on my eye/forehead i was not knocked out but was numb to the... READ MORE

Orbital Blowout Fracture Maxillary, Do I Need Surgery? (photo)

- loss of vision. Now fully recovered save for some blurriness of objects near my eye and sensitivity to light. -No double vision at anytime, I can... READ MORE

I Was Attacked 2 Years Ago Resulting in Several Facial Fractures, Why Still Swollen? Will Muscles Regain Their Strength? (photo)

2 years ago i got attacked in a robbery.i had a broken nose,nasal,facial and eye socket fractures,swelling on my brain,resulting in bad but improving... READ MORE

I Had a Blow out Fracture About 20 Years Ago. However, my Trapped Muscles Were Not. Is It Too Late?

I was 17 when I was hit in the face. I was told that I had a blow out fracture and surgery was preformed to install an implant on the floor. I have... READ MORE

Orbital Fracture Can It Be Fixed?

I got hit in the left eye by a tennis ball when I was like 10. I didn't know that it could have broken bones inside of eyeball. I also have gotten hit... READ MORE

Its been 2 months since my zmc fracture was repaired. However, the eye on that side appears smaller, and the lid is droopy

Will this improve with time? May I need another surgery? On my inital ct scan, it said there was NOT an orbital blowout fracture, but instead a... READ MORE

Orbital fracture with 2mm of inapthalomus

I am going to have an occular implant surgery but I am very concerned that there may still be inapthalomus after the surgery. Is this a needless... READ MORE

Do you think I need surgery for my tripod fracture with depressed zygomatic arch component?

CT Scan report summary: left sided tripod fracture with depressed zygomatic arch component. There is a subtle fracture of the left orbital floor, in... READ MORE

I was seriously injured in a bike accident. Is there a surgery which can make my eyes look even again? (photo)

I was seriously injured in a bike accident (march 2013). Comminuted fracture of frontal sinus region, lower jaw fracture, CSF leak etc which was... READ MORE

Orbital Eye Fracture Lower Lid Adhesion. How can I treat this? (Photo)

I had a blowout fracture of my left orbit repaired in February 2013 . The repair was performed via transconjunctival incision. My lower lid developed... READ MORE

Maxillofacial fracture. Can my face be fixed after 8 years? (Photo)

Hi Doctor, It happaned eight years before when i was playing with my friends , so one of my friends punched on left side of my face that got little... READ MORE

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