Feminization + Facial Plastic Surgery

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I Want More of a Feminine Look. What Does my Face Need?

I feel like my face doesn't look very feminine. I'm not sure what I need done. I'm considering a rhinoplasty. Is that going to solve my issue? READ MORE

I Would Like a Girlier More Delicate Look to my Face? What Can Be Done for Me?

I have my father's nose, so I am seriously considering rhinoplasty. I think my nose is far too large and masculine for me. What can be done to... READ MORE

Which Procedure Should I Have Done First to Make my Fcae More Feminine?

Since I have made up my mind that I want to fix my facial structure which involves in two area. First my masculine forehead ( Forehead contouring,... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Change the Profile of my Face?

I don't like the side-view of my face. I have a flat forehead, short nose, and a protruding chin. I've always wished I had a more feminine... READ MORE

Options to Make Asian Face More Feminine?

I feel like my face is round and flat and I don't like the way light hits my face (i.e. it gives my forehead a dented appearance). I want a more... READ MORE

Help! Female, Wants a More Feminine Facial Appearance

I'd like to feminize my features a little more. I find that when I'm not wearing makeup, I tend to not look so soft and, well, pretty.... READ MORE

Forehead Feminization Surgery? (photo)

I've read that women don't usually have sloped foreheads, but I think I do. (Including photos from different angles). I'm nervous about having... READ MORE

Facial Feminization Surgery - Forehead Burring or Fat Grafting?

Dear Sir or Madam, I am a 35 year old male-to-female transsexual who would like to undergo FFS. When I was doing my research in the internet I found... READ MORE

I Want a Smaller Face and a Delicate Jawline, and I Don't Think a Chin Implant is Enough? (photo)

This is an update to my first question in regards to facial feminization. I feel like my face and head is large for my body and was wondering what... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for facial feminization? (Photo)

I am considering getting forehead bossing surgery ,jawline reduction and a rhinoplasty to have soft facial feature .I have lump on forehead. when I... READ MORE

What do you suggest for Facial feminization surgery? (photo)

So I hVe been seriously considering getting facial feminization surgery I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what procedures should be... READ MORE

I have reached my forties my face has seemed to take on a masculine appearance. What is the best way to feminize my face?(photo)

What procedures will help feminize my face? Although I live my strong cheekbones and am not concerned with crows feet or fine line, which I believe... READ MORE

What would be the best and least costly procedure to soften up my face and fill out my cheeks ?

I am a 32yr old mother of 3, I hsve never been a man but I have been questioned. On numerous occasions my gender has been questioned my self esteem is... READ MORE

Masculine Facial Features - Feminization Options?

I Feel my Facial Features are Very Masculine. What Can I Do to Achieve a More Feminine Look? READ MORE

Opinions on Best Combination of Procedures for FFS Options? (photo)

I am looking for a skilled FFS surgeon and need an opinion on the best combination of procedures for facial feminization surgery (FFS) to feminize my... READ MORE

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) Imaging?

Is it possible to get an estimate on what how i could look after FFS surgery(s) and would it be possible to have this done online via a series of... READ MORE

What Procedures Should I Have Done To Look More Feminine and "Balanced"?

When I take pics I look like, well this....I still hate my nose(had open rhinoplasty in 2005)I think I have either pollybeak or a bulbous tip, not... READ MORE

As a guy, i want to look more feminine, what features should i consider changing? (Photo)

I am a male but i want to transform my looks not to an excessive degree but i want to make a few little tweaks to look less masculine. It sounds odd... READ MORE

What procedure could I have done to make my face look more femme? (photos)

I have a very oval face. I'm looking at having eyelid surgery to open my eys up/reshape them and thinking about getting a rhinoplasty done as well. I... READ MORE

Can I surgically reduce the length of my mid face, including teeth and jaws?

Im very self conscious about my face, im female but my proportions i feel make me look very manly i would want to take a quarter to a half inch of the... READ MORE

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