Change + Facial Plastic Surgery

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Can my Face Be Made Round/oval? (photo)

My face is long, which I think is unsightly. I have a big chin too. What would be needed to give my face an oval/ round appearance? READ MORE

Does surgery to change my face to oval face is exist?

I want to change my round face to oval face, if this surgery is exist what he does to face specific and how much he will cost? READ MORE

Is it possible to get surgery to look like someone else? (Photo)

I'm not very happy with the way I look and would like to get my face redone. Is it possible to get surgery to look like someone else, or at least be... READ MORE

What can be done to restore my face how it used to be? (photos)

My face has sagged and changed shape significantly. I was wondering if anything could restore it how it was before or is the miss shaping too severe? READ MORE

Can You Surgically Change Face Shape?

If someone came to you with a very long face, similar to Sarah Jessica Parker or Liv Tyler, and they requested a shorter, more squared face (similar... READ MORE

Can I change my cheekbones and my face shape? (Photo)

Are these kinds of procedures(pics) possible in the west ? they seem to do allot of it in korea .. I have pretty high and kinda wide cheekbones and it... READ MORE

Will plastic surgery change my whole face? Can I change my appearance? (Photo)

I really dont like my face. It seems like there is a strong disharmony, but i just cant tell what exactly bothers me. first of all i would like to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change the Shape of Your Head?

I read that you said that can it change from being an oval to a round shape face? like i have an oval shape face and i would want it... READ MORE

One Side of Face Has Changed. Do Not Know Exactly What the Issue is? (photos)

I'm 28 and have noticed right side photographed of my face is different. I sustained an injury there 3 years ago but since feeling has come back to... READ MORE

What Causes Features to Change As We Get Older? (photo)

I recently noticed that I have a nose like Raven Symone. To me Raven is beautiful & her features fit her but mines don't fit me. I remember her... READ MORE

Are This Changes Normal?

Hi I am a 16 year old male. Over the past few years I have noticed that my face is changing from oval to a boxy shape(rather obvious by looking at... READ MORE

Is there any treatment to change the shape of the face?

My face shape is oval and i want to change my face shape into diamond or square. READ MORE

Is it possible to change my face to look beautiful like a celebrity?

Provide the details if possible how much it cost ? pls. READ MORE

Best craniofacial doctors? Is it possible to change bone structure to resemble someone?

Hello, is it possible to change bone structure to resemble someone? Specifically changing the position of the jaw, evening out the cheeks and gaining... READ MORE

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