Caucasian + Facial Plastic Surgery

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Wider Caucasian Eyes?

I know that the majority of eye enlargement surgeries occur in Asia, but I was wondering if there is any surgery available to make eyes bigger for... READ MORE

Skull Reshaping in Los Angeles?

I am searching for a doctor in Los Angeles area who can do cosmetic skull reshaping. I am a 29 yr old Caucasian female and I have an abnormally small... READ MORE

Confirming the Possibility of This Race-change of Surgery? (photo)

Hi Docs, so I'm thinking about going under the knife to achieve a completely caucasian look or at least mixed asian-caucasian. I thought it was... READ MORE

What facial features make me look more Middle Eastern/Indian? (Photo)

Already since a young age, people have noted I looked like I was of Middle Eastern/Indian descent. I always wished to look more Asian preferably, but... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Go from Caucasian to Asian?

I don't mean look completly like an Asian, but at least similar so: Single eyelids (more fat tissue around the eyes) and slanted eyes, rounder face... READ MORE

Is there a surgery (or series thereof) that could make a Caucasian appear Asian fully and completely?

This includes: -Eye shape change -Eye colour change -Hair colour change What would be the minimum age requirement of a male to have the surgery/ies... READ MORE

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