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Treatment for Small Bump on my Forehead Right Under the Hairline?

What is the treament for bump on my forehead it is noticeable but not hurting. it is like a dime size. READ MORE

Forehead Treatment For Caveman Bump? (photo)

Hi, i'm 23 and male. My problem is not the agressive look i have because of the difference between my eyes and my brow line(is a problem, but not what... READ MORE

How to Smooth Out / Get Rid of Bump On Forehead?

When i was 15 i got hit in the head pretty hard. I was in a tight situation & i didn't get to ice it down or anything till the next day. this... READ MORE

Large Bump Under Eyebrow? (photo)

Ever since I was born I've had this large bump underneath my eyebrow. It is approx. 2cm x 2cm & is above my right eye. I am able to move it a bit... READ MORE

Can a Bruised Bone Be Shaven Down on the Forehead?

When i was younger i fell off of a bed and hit my head, which formed a bump (on right side of forehead) that went away and came back later on in life.... READ MORE

What Can I Do About a Large Hard Bump(lump) on my Eyelid?

I had a bad cut on the eye some 20 years ago(had stitches),there is now a hard lump on the eyelid about the size of a marble.At first the lump was... READ MORE

How Can I Remove This Bump on my Head? (photo)

I have a bump on the middle of my forehead which I got when I was pushed off my bike as a child landing on a concrete floor head first, it's shaped... READ MORE

What Needs to Be Done with my Face? Nose Bump, Overbite, Small Eyes, Chubby Cheeks? (photo)

I'll Be Joining a Male Beauty Contest Next Year So I Need to Fix Whatever is Wrong with Me. Im a 26 year old Asian, I would really like to know whats... READ MORE

My face isn't symmetrical. What can I do to make it less obvious?

As you can see the left side of my face isn't even to my right side. I wanna know what I can do for it to actuly not look so obvious. I know I need... READ MORE

How Much Should It Cost for Brow Bone Redution in India?

I have a bump on my forehead which looks extremely awful would be glad if i am able to get it straight at a rite price. READ MORE

I Have Had This Bump on my Face Since I Could Remember, What I Can Do to Have It Removed?.

The bump is under my eyebrow on the left side and I want to know can it be removed how much will it cost and what would be the recovery. READ MORE

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