Asymmetry + Facial Plastic Surgery

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My Chin is Off-center and I Have an Asymmetric Jaw As a Result,how Can I Get This Fixed?

I have become aware of the fact that my chin is skewed to the left and it seems to have dragged my jaw line and face along with it. I had retainers as... READ MORE

Can Plastic Surgery Fix Asymmetric Eyes?

My left eye is noticeably lower than my right one, which at first I thought it was because of the assymetric eyelids. After spendind some time on the... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face

I have ayssmetrical eyes but the one thing that bothers me the most about it is my eyelids. My right eyelid crease is higher than my left. I am aware... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Correct a Crooked, Asymmetrical Smile?

I have a face that's not symmetrical. It's noticeably slightly off, with one side's features appearing ever so slightly closer together... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done About my Asymmetrical Face?

I've known for a long time that my face wasn't quite symmetrical, but it wasn't until I took this photo that I realized how bad it was.... READ MORE

Why my Face is Deformed? my Left Side of my Face is Not the Same Look As the Right Side of my Face. (photo)

Hello. My name is Patricio i'm 17 years old and i need your help! I feel deformed,i got to the point of hurting myself i'm not doing it for enjoyment... READ MORE

How Can I Fix My Asymmetrical Jaw Line? (photo)

About 3 years ago i was noticing a pain in my jaw, turned out i had TMJ, which i think my have caused the left side of my jaw to develop larger... READ MORE

Asymmetric Smile - What to Do?

I took a photo of myself over the weekend and realized my smile is incredibly asymmetric. One side of my face does one thing, and the other something... READ MORE

One Eye Appears Bigger and Asymmetrical Jaw? (photo)

My face is not symmetrical at all. One of my eyes looks a little higher and way bigger than the other one. My jaw is also asymmetrical. How could I... READ MORE

Options for a Weak Jawline and Asymmetrical Nose?

I have always known about my weak jawline and I always wondered if there was a way to fix it. My lower jaw slants in at a steep angle right below my... READ MORE

Asymmetric Cheeks/face

Female, 21, 5'5" 147 lb. What are my options in regards to the contours of my face? The left side has always been much "thinner"... READ MORE

The whole right side of my face is chubbier/bigger than the left side of my face. Can I Fix my Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

Is there anything to correct that (hopefully not surgery)? I sleep on the left side of my cheek every night and chew on my right side, could that be... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Asymmetrical Nasal Folds?

I feel as though my nasal folds are asymmetrical and are giving me a lopsided look. (My lips are thin too, but I guess that's another story.) Would... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Eye Correction - Possible?

Ive added a picture. My eyes are quite asymmetrical as you can see. Now, I understand that everyone has their own asymmetrical features but I find... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Procedure to Correct Uneven Eye Size?

My eyes are not equal in size. My left eye is smaller while my right eye is bigger. That's the description of my eyes and people are bullying me coz... READ MORE

What Treatments Are Available for my Facial Asymmetry?

My lips, nose, eyes, ears and facial bones are asymmetrical. I inherited it from my mother and I'm really sick of it. Now that she's going... READ MORE

What Will Fix my Witchy Smile and Asymmetrical Face? (Photos)

Besides my nose (getting a revision rhino to narrow tip and raise columella) I am pleased with the left side of my face. My cheek has a nice apple to... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry Concerns- Crooked Smile

My chin is deviated to the right side of my face and my face seems to lift more and have bigger cheek on the right side, thus creating this smile that... READ MORE

I Have a Gummy Smile, Long Face, Weak Chin, Overbite, and Asymmetrical Smile. What Are My Low Cost Options? (photo)

I know I need jaw surgery, but that is out the question due to cost. Believe it or not, I have actually grown to love my gums, but the chin and long... READ MORE

One of my Eyes Appears to Be Sinking Back into the Socket

Since I was little I have always had large, prominent eyes. However, for the past several years (I'm 29 now) only one of my eyes is prominent.... READ MORE

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